52 Mondays: #13

March 27, 2017

You know that feeling when you get home from vacation and you feel like you need another vacation? Yea, I have that. Bad. I took Thursday and Friday as vacation days from work and I spent it with my sister, brother in law, and nephews at Universal in Orlando. They got a hotel room on Universal property and we spent three days theme park hopping and basically wearing ourselves out! We had a great time but I am TIRED!

I had a great workout last Monday to kick off my week. We did a hard cardio/abs circuit and a kettle bell circuit to start the week off right. I even managed a few minutes on the treadmill between the circuits. It wasn’t fast or pretty but it was a few minutes of “comfortable” running.

Tuesday was busy at work. I felt like I was going 100 miles an hour all day. By the time I looked at the time, it was after 6:30. I got a lot done but I was at work much later than I anticipated! Time really slipped by me.

Wednesday was also busy. I was trying to wrap up a few items before leaving for my short vacation. I also made sure I got out the door in time to get to my trainer for another workout this week. I know that I’ll be walking a lot on vacation but I also know that I won’t eat well at the parks. A workout before vacation will be good for me!

It is Wednesday Weights and we did our usual weight circuit after a quick cardio circuit.

Cardio/Abs Circuit

Weight Circuit

30 second interval w/10 second transition

45 second interval w/20 second transition

Jump rope



Dead lift

Jump rope

Incline DB press


Overhead triceps extension

Jump rope

Abs coaster

Butterfly sit-ups

Leg curls

Jump rope

Leg extensions

Toe touches (alternating)

Squats/Calf raises

Jump rope

Seated rows


Lat pulls (wide grip)

Bench press

Battle rope

We did two rounds of each circuit. On the weight circuit, we did squats on the first round and calf raises on the second round. By the time we finished, I was sweaty and tired! I upped my weights on a couple of the movements and it was tough!

Thursday was an early morning even though it is the start of my vacation. I got out the door a bit later than I had hoped. But, I met my family at the hotel and we headed to Universal Studios first. They haven’t been to Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so this is something they’re all really looking forward to doing.

We hopped around the park with no real agenda other than to have a good time. We managed to miss the rain by hopping on Transformers and then heading to lunch. It rained while we were eating and had finished by the time we had finished eating. It didn’t rain hard so it wasn’t nasty outside. In fact, the weather was perfect; breezy with some intermittent clouds and rain. We really couldn’t have asked for much better weather.


Pausing for lunch while waiting for the rain to pass. It hard to cram five people at a small table into a selfie!

We caught the water taxi back to the hotel late that afternoon. We had made arrangements to meet my brother in law’s sister for dinner. Since I’m pretty familiar with the area, I drove us to the restaurant. After having dinner and chatting for a bit, I dropped my family at the hotel and headed home.

I was slow moving Friday morning since I got home pretty late on Thursday night. I took Shelby to the kennel and then headed back to Universal to meet my family. I met them at Islands of Adventure and we spent the day walking our legs to death and shivering from getting soaked on the log ride! We headed back to the hotel and let the boys play in the pool for a bit before we headed to City Walk for dinner. We ate at the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium. My sister and I both LOVE chocolate and we were both itching to eat here. Sadly, by the time we ate dinner, neither of us wanted to wait for dessert (a 30+ minute wait). The boys had been smart and ordered their milkshakes before we made our dinner order. We got our dinner and had finished eating it by the time their milkshakes arrived!

Saturday we park hopped so they could ride the Hogwarts Express both directions (it’s different each way). After we finished riding and shopping, we headed to City Walk to eat a late lunch at Bubba Gump. I love Bubba Gump; the food is really good and the atmosphere is great. The servers ask trivia questions about the movie so when our server quizzed us, we were prepared (we love the movie). Our server was impressed by our (useless) Forrest Gump trivia knowledge!

We let the boys play in the pool once we got back to the hotel. As the sun went down, it was chilly and my sister and I were wearing light jackets and had towels over our legs! It felt good to just sit in a lounge chair and relax for a few hours.

Sunday morning, we got up early and headed out the door. My family headed back to north Florida and I headed home. As tired as I was, I was glad to get home early because I got most of my laundry finished and I went to the grocery store. I was too tired to do much else so I took a short nap on the couch between loads of laundry.

Monday came much too fast. After all that walking and being up early every day and staying up late so many nights, I’m just beat! Like I said, I need a vacation from my vacation! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my family and I’m so glad they came to visit. They really enjoyed the parks and the weather was amazing all weekend (with the exception of the rain on Thursday).

My trainer got stuck at a job today so I went to the gym and got in a good hour on the elliptical. Then I spent some time stretching. My legs are so tired from the weekend!

I made dinner plans with two of my coworkers. After the gym, I came home quickly and showered so I could meet them. My coworker from my department is leaving so this will be our last dinner together.

It’s another late night and I’m beyond tired but, here’s the rundown for this week.

The good:

  1. A solid Wednesday workout and a solid cardio session on Monday.
  2. I walked a TON during my short vacation.
  3. I took some vacation time!

The bad:

  1. Only two gym days
  2. I ate badly and drank a lot while on vacation. I logged it all though.

The ugly:

  1. Vacation is not an excuse to ignore healthy habits.

While I logged all that food and alcohol I consumed, I realized how many calories that I was putting in my body. It’s so easy to drink a boatload of calories! I didn’t make the worst choices for food but I didn’t make the best choices either. Let’s face it, chili cheese fries will never be a healthy choice. Delicious choice, yes; healthy, no. I know that I can make better choices than I did. I’m not beating myself up about it; I logged it all and I am back to my normal eating now that I’m home. It was eye opening to see how many calories some things are though!

On a side note, we got to do a sneak peek of the new attraction at Universal; Jimmy Fallon’s Race through New York. It was pretty awesome!


Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon was really cool. I particularly enjoyed some of the tributes to The Tonight Show.

Peace out peeps!

Until next Monday…gotta run.




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