52 Mondays: #9

February 27, 2017

If you’ve been following along, you know it has been a crazy couple of weeks for me. I’ve been working longer days because I’ve got a lot on my plate. Going into the office early gives me some quiet time to get things done without interruption. For the most part, that has been working. The downside is that I’ve been staying late as well. Because of that, I haven’t gotten to the gym much.

Last Monday, I did some grocery shopping and meal prep. Since I spent most of the afternoon doing that, I didn’t make it to the gym. Planning my meals is equally important so I didn’t get too irked about skipping the gym.

Tuesday turned into a long day at work again. I intended to go to the gym just for cardio. Heaven knows that burning off some stress with a good cardio session would’ve been good for me. But, if I can’t be out of the office by 6 PM, I have to skip. My sweet old girl, Shelby, just can’t handle that long of a day (even though she has a doggy door and can go outside to the porch when she wants, and she does).

I made it a point to get to the gym on Wednesday. My trainer finally finished his out-of-town work so we made it a butt kicking workout day. Here are the two circuits. We actually started with the weight circuit; two rounds of that one. Then we hit the cardio circuit; two rounds of that one.

Cardio/Abs Circuit

Weight Circuit

30 second interval w/10 second transition

45 second interval w/20 second transition

Jumping Jacks

Jump Rope





Leg Lifts

Incline Dumbell Press

Jumping Jacks

Overhead Tricep Extension


Ab Coaster


Leg Curl


Leg Extension

Push Ups



Close Grip Seated Row

Wide Grip Lat Pull Down

Flat Bench Barbell Press

Thursday, I went to the gym for cardio only. I ran on the treadmill; I walked to warm up and then tried to do longer run intervals at a slower pace. I just tried to keep my run interval comfortable since I haven’t been doing much running lately, unless you count running around work and my mind running nonstop. I did a 45 minute workout and logged a little over 3.6 miles. It wasn’t fast but I was pleased with the longer stretches of running.

Friday was another long day of work. By the time I got home Friday night, I just wanted to sleep. I usually start laundry on Friday night and I didn’t even do that. Seriously, all I did was eat dinner and sleep. I think I was asleep before 10!

I spent most of the weekend being unproductive at home. I had a list of things I intended to do. I maybe crossed one item off the list. But, I had a fun weekend. I got to go to Wahlburger’s in Orlando; I went to the movies (50 Shades Darker); I saw the new Orlando City Soccer Stadium (I can’t wait to go to a game or two this season!). Basically, I had a busy weekend, I ate less than healthy food, had some drinks, and just relaxed! And that was just Saturday!

Sunday I had to do some adulting. Laundry and some housework; managed a nap in there too because that’s definitely adulting.

It’s Monday again and I did make it to the gym today too. It was a good workout too. Here are the circuits we did (three rounds of circuit one and two rounds of circuit two)

Circuit One

Circuit Two

30 second interval w/10 second transition

30 second interval w/10 second transition

KB Swings

Jump Rope

Push Ups

High Knees

KB Squats


Mountain Climbers

Push Ups

KB Squat Curl

Jump Rope

Squat Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Sumo Squat (Alternate hands)

Lunges (Alternate legs)


Sit Ups

Jump Rope

Butt Kicks

Mountain Climbers

Leg Raises

The past couple of weeks have definitely been challenging. I’m truly struggling to find balance right now. I need to prioritize things better if I want to reach my goals; both my fitness goals and my career goals.

So here it is…the “run” down

The good:

  1. I’m still logging everything. Even all the booze and junk food. I may not always make the best choices but I hold myself accountable for them.
  2. I took some time to relax. Sometimes you just have to step back. I did that on Saturday; I let myself have a fun day with my friend and didn’t think about all the crap that’s been happening.

The bad:

  1. While I’m certainly allowed a cheat day, I need to make my cheat day not a 5,000 calorie day! Alcohol adds up quick! I just need to keep that in check.
  2. I need better sleep. Managing my stress better (and exercising) will help with that.

The ugly:

  1. I set the same goal for last week; to make friends with the foam roller; and, once again, I didn’t even attempt. I make no excuses. I know it would help me and I just need to do it. I’m not really sure what my aversion is to this. It is truly ridiculous.

My goals for this week are to go to the gym four times and to foam or stick roll my legs!

FitBit news…

I finally connected my new Charge HR. It rocks! It measures my heart rate, total steps, floors climbed, and a whole slew of other things. The best part is that it isn’t big and bulky; it fits nicely on my wrist without being obnoxious. It seems to be fairly accurate too. I stopped a couple of times during my treadmill run and checked my heart rate. It seemed pretty close to what I was counting as well.

It’s about time for bed for me. Here’s to a more balanced week. Peace out y’all!

Until next Monday…gotta run.


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