52 Mondays: #8

February 20, 2017

This week will be the easiest blog I’ve written in ages. Last week was just NOT my week. I managed to get to the gym only one day; Monday. And, that was cut somewhat short. It was a decent workout though.

Tuesday started a progressive downhill spiral. I’ve opted to go into work a little early because I’ve been trying to get some projects finished and I’ve got a lot on my plate. Getting in a little early helps because it gives me some quiet time to work uninterrupted (mostly anyhow). Unfortunately, that turned into late evenings too and it just went downhill.

I pretty much worked 7 AM to 7 PM every day last week except last Monday. By Friday, I pretty much wanted to curl up with a pan of brownies and a bottle of wine and sleep until it was a new decade. I was exhausted in more ways than I could count.

I spent Saturday doing some house work. I cleaned two rooms and a closet; like spring cleaning y’all; the kind of cleaning that makes you sneeze, well if you’re allergic to dust like I am! I also started my taxes.

Sunday was more cleaning. I finally took some pictures of some things that I’ve wanted to sell. If you follow me on Facebook or are in any of the groups I’m in, you may find some of the treasures I’m posting; ahem, Ink-N-Burn and LulaRoe for sure; probably some random other nuggets as well.

I was off work today in honor of President’s Day. I did go to work for a few hours to take care of a few tasks. Then I went to the grocery and came home to do all my food prep for the rest of the week. I’m pretty darn excited about this jambalaya recipe I tried. I’m taking it with my salad for lunches.

Since I didn’t get to the gym today either, I’ll be starting back tomorrow. I didn’t accomplish my goal last week (to make friends with my stick and foam rollers again) so I’ll be working on that this week. I also hope to get back on schedule. I’m not going to sacrifice my gym time like I did last week. The gym is my stress relief and I can’t sacrifice that “me time”.

The “run” down

The good:

  1. I logged everything I ate; the cookie dough flautas, the peanut butter M&M’s, the Angry Orchard; all of it!
  2. Considering my stressful week, I didn’t make all kinds of terrible choices despite what the above statement may suggest.
  3. I also got an awesome Valentine’s gift from my family; some chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements! I was SO surprised. And, I didn’t eat them all in one sitting!

The bad:

  1. One workout. I did one workout.
  2. Long days at work. As I said last week, I have to find the balance.

The ugly:

  1. I set them for myself and, last week, I didn’t even try to achieve them. I could have come home and foam rolled my legs. I could have made a general effort and it probably would have helped with some of the stress. But I didn’t. I’m upset with myself for not even trying. I’ll leave it here and move onto this week and being better.

FitBit news…

I got that FitBit….yea; still haven’t activated it. I will do it so I have a report for next week.

Here’s to a much better week this go round. Peace out y’all!

Until next Monday…gotta run.


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3 Responses to 52 Mondays: #8

  1. Way to log even the Angry Orchard! That stuff is pretty yummy.

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