52 Mondays: #7

February 13, 2017

In my fitness group, last week we each set a goal; something we would practice for the week that would help us in our quest to meet our overall fitness goals. My goal was to focus on quality workouts. I go to the gym and, most days, I have a quality workout. But, in the recent weeks of missing workouts and cramming workouts into limited time, I’ve just tried to get a workout done rather than focusing on the benefits of the workout itself. In short, I’ve just been going through the motions of the workout.

I only did three workouts last week. I got my Monday boot camp workout done. I detailed it in my blog last week. It was a solid workout and I felt the accomplishment of the hard work I had put into it. I missed Tuesday because I worked late. I didn’t get to work with my trainer on Wednesday so I headed to the gym for a good cardio workout. I hit the elliptical climber and did 45 hard minutes at “variety” level five. Variety is basically random mode; the machine randomly changes the resistance to challenge you more or less. By choosing level five to start, the resistance will never be less than that level. It’s a bit like I had climbed a mountain for 45 minutes. I finished 3.2 miles and I felt great afterwards.

Y’all know I’ve been avoiding that hill training session like the plague. Well, Thursday, I got it done! I was so damn proud that I finally did it! And, sweet mother of Mary was it hard! I started with a warm-up walk/jog. I walked for four or five minutes at a moderate pace. Then I jogged for approximately five minutes. Then I started the hill intervals. I did a one-minute uphill run and then a two-minute, no-incline walk. My run pace was whatever challenging speed I felt I could hold for the full minute running up the hill (my slowest uphill speed was 4.5 mph when I was at 10% incline). My walking pace was between 3.5-3.7 mph. After I did 10 hills, I continued run/walk intervals until the hour mark. I managed 4.3 miles with warm-up and cool down. I am pretty sure I found a whole new level of sweaty during that workout. On Thursday, my legs felt a bit like jelly all day.

Friday was a bust because, once again, I worked late. This is becoming a trend that is impacting me negatively. I really enjoy my workouts; it’s my time to clear my head and work off my stress. When I skip workouts, I feel icky. I have got to continue to keep the balance between work and life so that I don’t go completely batty!

I felt kind of crappy on Saturday. I woke up with a headache; mostly sinus related thanks to my awesome allergy to the state of Florida; and it just got progressively worse. I won’t really take anything until I just can’t stand it anymore. I started getting the chills early in the afternoon so I crawled in bed and tried to take a little nap. I never fell asleep but my headache did ease and I got rid of the chills. I didn’t feel feverish but I did feel icky so I’m not sure why the chills started. I’m just glad it didn’t last long.

Since I was mostly unproductive, I made myself get dressed and go to the grocery store. Grocery shopping on a Saturday night is pretty friggin nice! There were not a lot of people in the store so I got all of my shopping finished in less than 30 minutes. And, I strolled through the store. I easily could’ve been finished in 20 minutes.

I spent Sunday doing meal prep. I’m changing up my breakfast tacos this week; I made some ground turkey sausage and black beans. I’ll put that on the tortilla with the egg and cheese. I also made some hamburger patties with sautéed onions and mushrooms to have with my lunch salad. Dinner is baked chicken and roasted broccoli.

My boot camp class today was cut a little short. But, it was still a quality workout. Here’s the circuit from today.

Feb. 13 Circuit

30 sec interval w/15 sec transition

Jumping Jacks



Leg Lifts

Jumping Jacks




Push Ups


We modified this workout as it is one my trainer made ages ago (i.e. when I was in MUCH better shape). The workout used to look like this…

Countdown to Fitness

Jumping Jacks x 100

Crunches x 90

Squats x 80

Leg Lifts x 70

Jumping Jacks x 60

Crunches x 50

Squats x 40

Tuck Ups x 30

Push Ups x 20

Burpees x 10

That right there is a bear of a workout. Feel free to try it. If you do, let me know how it goes. I remember doing it once, I think. It. Was. HARD!

I changed my mind on the 30-Day Ab Challenge. I was supposed to start over last week. One of my biggest problems was keeping track of what day I was on. So, I decided to start it on March 1. This way it will be easier for me to follow. Also, I’ve printed out a copy of the challenge to put in a place where I’ll see it every day. You know, so I don’t forget.

I’m still doing great with logging my food. I even logged the crappy meal I ate on Sunday night, the dessert I had with it, and the two Moscow Mules I drank. While I’m generally trying to make good decisions about my food, I’m not sacrificing completely. As long as I log the food and make the effort at the gym, I’m alright with the occasional “crappy meal”. I’m also still going with my water challenge. I totally forgot lemons at the grocery though; didn’t put them on the list. So, it’s plain water until I go back to the grocery.

My goal for this week is to make friends with my foam/grid roller and my stick roller. I had a couple of restless nights last week because my legs; specifically my calf muscles; were tight and kept bothering me. I wasn’t getting cramps but I felt twitchy and it made me restless. When I stretched my muscles, this seemed to help some. So, I’ve just arrived at the resolution that I need to foam or stick roll my muscles. These torture tools and I have a love-hate relationship. I love how I feel after I use them but I hate how much it hurts to use them! These are my torture tools of choice. There are several other brands and types. No matter your choice, I highly recommend investing in some self-massage tools. They really do help with sore, achy, tight, knotted-up muscles.

The “Marathon Stick”: I like this one because it’s really portable. I can stick it in my suitcase when I travel or in my sling bag for the gym. I can also roll my quads a little easier with this one. And, it’s a great “warm-up” massage before I move to the next torture tool.

The “Grid Roller”: This one makes me sweat. No lie. It is a workout in itself. It’s great for legs though. You can put more or less “pressure” because you’re using your own body weight. You’ll find knots and it might bring you to tears. But, it WILL help you work them out. This one is my “favorite” if one can have a favorite self-torture tool.

The “run” down

The good:

  1. Everything logged again this week. Having my meals prepped and eating the same things helps make this easier. It’s been a month and I want to keep that going! (For those that don’t know, I use MyFitnessPal.)
  2. I did my hill workout!

The bad:

  1. Working late. Balance is important and I need to keep that in mind. Work will always be there tomorrow.
  2. Only three workouts. My goal is five workouts per week.

The ugly:

  1. My sleep. I slept awful several nights last week. I think part of that was not getting my gym/decompression time. I definitely sleep better when I workout.

FitBit news…(eventually I’ll stop rambling about FitBit, but today is not that day!)

Before anyone comments, I don’t get anything for free from FitBit for commenting about them or for what I am about to share.

I got my first FitBit for free because I used reward points to “buy” it. I recently decided to purchase the FitBit Charge HR. I am a Zulily shopper. Zulily is a fantastic discount shopping website. In short, brands/items are offered on the site for a limited time. Limited styles/sizes are offered by the sellers. Buyers, like me, purchase items at discounted prices (sometimes deeply discounted). Once the sale closes, Zulily then purchases all of the items from the seller. Once Zulily receives the order from the seller, items are sorted, repackaged, and shipped to the buyers. It can take several weeks to get an item; it really just depends on the deal. I’ve gotten items in a couple of weeks and I’ve waited a couple of months for items. It’s definitely a great place to look for gift items, especially if you’re a planner. If you don’t need something rushed, you can save a good bit of money on your purchases.

A couple of weeks ago, Zulily had the FitBit Charge HR in four different colors. The sale price was $59.99; this is the old model as FitBit has introduced the Charge HR 2. The original price of the Charge HR was about $120; you can find them online now for about $80 or so. With shipping, mine was $64 from Zulily.

One shameless plug. If you’ve never tried Zulily, check it out with my link. I do get referral credits for referring new customers.

I debated actually buying this one. I have the Flex and I love how small it is. It tracks my steps, exercise, and sleep, and that’s really all that I’ve wanted it to do. But, I’ve thought more about heart rate training and how it might help my running and my weight loss. So, I debated on this because I have a Garmin Forerunner with the heart rate monitor. I ultimately decided to get the FitBit because it wasn’t very expensive and it’s a little less cumbersome than the heart rate strap/monitor that goes with my Garmin. I think the FitBit will also be a little easier to use.

I got my new FitBit today. I wanted to get it connected so I could try it out at boot camp. But, I stayed so busy that I didn’t have time to get it set. Hopefully, I can get it set so I can use it tomorrow for my cardio workout. No matter, I’ll have a report next week on my new toy!

That’s a wrap for this week. Peace out y’all!

Until next Monday…gotta run.


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2 Responses to 52 Mondays: #7

  1. Susan Bulloch says:

    Brandy – you wore me out just reading this! I am going to start recording my food tomorrow – again.. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    • runbrandyrun says:

      Lol Susan! I’m definitely a busy person! If you’ve never tried logging your food intake, it’s definitely worth a try. It can be difficult to get in the habit and to measure all your portions so that you enter the info correctly. But, logging your food can definitely help you see how much fuel you’re putting into your body. And, it can help you see if you need to cut back or bump up carbs, proteins, etc. It’s really helped me get back on track with portion control and snacking. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need guidance. I’m always here to help my chickies.

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