52 Mondays: #6

February 6, 2017

It seems like it has been way longer than a week since I last blogged. I’ve been so busy the past week. Three days last week I didn’t even leave work until 7 PM. Needless to say, last week was not a goal accomplishing type week. It was more of a “keep my head above water” type week.

My week just started out all kinds of wrong. After missing my training session on Monday and only getting in a quick cardio workout, I had planned to do a hill workout on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I ended up staying late at work so I missed the gym altogether. I still wanted to get in some kind of workout though, so I found a “yoga for runners” video on YouTube and tried that. Holy hell! That was hard and great all at the same time. I recognize that my muscles are tight and that I’m not as flexible as I used to be. But damn; I didn’t realize just how tight some of my muscles have gotten. I really need to do more yoga and more concentrated stretching.

My Wednesday training session didn’t happen either. I did some cardio on the elliptical and pushed the resistance up a little higher than normal. This made it tougher for my legs; tough but good. I made it through an hour and then tried to do some good stretching. I’ve also been keeping up with my Ab Challenge.

Thursday was terrible. I left work just after 7 and just wanted to go home. I was mentally fried. I didn’t get in a workout at all. This makes me a bit grumpy because I really enjoy my gym time.

Friday was equally terrible. I left work after 7 and ended up skipping the gym again. I met a coworker for dinner and I made terrible (but delicious) choices. In all seriousness, the tacos weren’t bad and I skipped the chips and had black beans and rice. We did, however, indulge in dessert; the first sweets, other than a couple of squares of dark chocolate; that I’ve had in a few weeks. If you’ve ever had Tijuana Flats and haven’t tried the cookie dough flautas, I highly recommend you NEVER try them. They are amazing. You will want them EVERY SINGLE TIME! They are also so bad for you. But so delicious. My mouth is watering as I type this because they are so good. Like Paula Deen says “it’ll make your tongue wanna slap your brains out.” And it’s true, it will.

I met some of my friends at Animal Kingdom on Saturday. It was a nice day walking around the park. I didn’t do an “official” workout. But I got over 10,000 steps on my FitBit by walking around for the afternoon.

Sunday was Super Bowl day! I love me some football; it doesn’t matter who is playing the game. I didn’t really have a horse in the race since I’m not an Atlanta fan or a New England fan. That said, I was rooting for Atlanta just because they were kinda the underdog.

I did all my grocery shopping early and got all my food prep finished before heading to one of my coworker’s house for a party. I didn’t eat too badly and I didn’t snack on all the goodies the whole game. I can be a bit of a “grazer” when it comes to food just sitting out. So, not eating all the food is a pretty good feat for me!

I finally managed to get a training session in today. My trainer rocks; he stopped working his day job so he could workout with me and he was going back to work after he left the gym. I feel so special!

These were our circuits today…

Circuit Two

Cardio/Abs Circuit

30 sec interval w/10 sec transition

30 second interval w/10 second transition


Jump Rope

Push Ups


Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Leg Raise



Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Butterfly Sit-ups

KB/DB Snatch (Alt. Arm)

Jump Rope

Lunge (Alt. Leg)

Toe Touches

Jump Rope

Jump Rope


I realized, on Sunday, that I completely missed doing my Ab Challenge work since Wednesday. So, I’m going to start over. Tomorrow will be Day One.

My goal for the week is to make each workout a quality workout. Last week, because I worked late, I squeezed in my gym time and I didn’t really make each workout count; I more or less went through the motions. Because of that, I didn’t really have a good workout and I didn’t get my hill session done (Captain Avoiding That at All Costs right here). I won’t see progress if I give half effort.

My food has been pretty good though. I love that I’ve done well at prepping each week. It makes it so easy when I come home every evening. I don’t have to think about much; just heat up my dinner and make a fresh salad for the next day’s lunch.

I’m still eating breakfast tacos. They are just so easy and so good. It’s a pretty balanced meal too. I did mix up my lunch a little for this week. I made some Mexican chicken casserole to eat with my salad. It is supposed to have crushed Doritos or Tostitos in it. But, I made it without those and it’s still good. Not quite as good as with the chips, but still good. I also made pork chops and roasted brussel sprouts for dinner. The pork chops were seasoned and baked. The brussel sprouts were tossed in olive oil and chopped garlic and baked as well.

I’ve added lemon to my morning water. I’ve stuck with the water challenge we’ve been doing in my fitness group. I haven’t missed a day yet (now I need to apply that same ethic to the Ab Challenge). The lemon is tasty but I’m still struggling with getting it warmer than room temperature. It is kind of hard to chug that much water first thing in the morning.

To sum it all up…

The good:

  1. Everything logged again this week. Even all the stuff I ate at the Super Bowl party and the cookie dough deliciousness from Tijuana Flats.
  2. I walked a lot on Saturday thanks to the park visit. It was great to see my friends and just have a good time for a little while.

The bad:

  1. Work was a challenge. I worked late and sacrificed my gym time. Ultimately, when I skip gym time, it impacts me mentally (the gym is where I burn my stress and clear my head). I can’t skip my decompression time!
  2. I need to bring a water bottle with me when I go to theme parks. I didn’t drink enough water this weekend.

The ugly:

  1. I can’t keep avoiding that hill workout. I just need to do it.
  2. I need to stop procrastinating about cleaning crap out of my house. I have so much stuff that I just don’t need. I need to get to work on decluttering!

One last thing…

I mentioned my issue with my FitBit and how they have been helping me try to resolve it. Well, FitBit totally went above and beyond for me. Seriously y’all; top notch service. If you ever have an issue with your FitBit, reach out to them via email. They were so helpful and truly knocked it out of the park with helping me.

That’s all for this week folks. Peace out, y’all!

Until next Monday…gotta run.


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