52 Mondays: #4

January 23, 2017

This week has been a marked improvement over the last week. Don’t get me wrong, my workouts have been kicking my tail, but it’s nice to be getting back into the groove again. I am realizing how out of shape I have gotten! But, forward progress…

Tuesday last, I tried to do a bit of a speed workout on the treadmill. I know many people hate the treadmill; or the dreadmill, if you prefer. I don’t mind it though. I started running on the treadmill when I first started running. Let’s face it; it’s like 1000 degrees in the summer and it’s humid as the rain forest. The treadmill is a necessity in my book. Funnily, I have a treadmill at home. When I first bought that, I used it daily. Then I joined the gym. Since then, if I try to get on the treadmill at home, I can’t get more than two or three miles without thinking of things around the house that need attention. I jump off to go take care of something and then never get started again. I’m much more focused at the gym. So that’s where I go.

I digressed there. Sorry. I have a bit of ADD on occasion. Total sidetrack city.

Anyhow, I did this interval/speed sort of workout. I call it the pyramid. It consists of a run interval and then a walk interval and it goes like this:

Run Interval/Walk Interval

1 min/1 min
2 min/2 min
3 min/3 min
2 min/2 min
1 min/1 min
2 min/2 min
3 min/3 min
2 min/2 min
1 min/1 min

You start with a 10 minute warm-up. I usually start walking for 2-3 minutes and then jog for 2-3 minutes. Then I walk again until my first run interval. My goal is to run my run interval at a tough pace, but at a pace that I can hold for the interval. I’m not fast by any means so my fastest run is maybe 6.2 mph or so and that’s only for one minute. I walk the walk interval at a pace that will allow me to recover in time for my next run interval. So, for the 1 minute interval, that might only be 3.5 mph or so. I run the longer intervals slower but my longer walk interval can be done a little faster than my shortest walk interval.

This is a TOUGH workout. Add to the mix that I am out of shape; round may be a shape but it isn’t a good one for running marathons; and it’s a recipe for kicking my butt! I was TIRED when I was finished. But, I felt great.

Wednesday was my first day back with my trainer. I’ve probably said it before, but, I have been blessed with really good trainers. And, I’m so happy to be back with my current trainer. I had a ton of success with him previously! Wednesday is our weight day. So, we started with a cardio HIIT (high intensity interval training) circuit. We did one round and it was brutal; my heart was pounding after the round. Then we did two rounds of the weight circuit. It’s a full body weight circuit and it’s tiring too. By the end, I’m usually dripping sweat. You can try it for yourself; I’ve listed it below. May the force be with you though.

Cardio Circuit Weight Circuit
30 second interval w/10 second transition 30 second interval w/10 second transition
Jog Battle Rope Waves
Butt Kicks Dead Lifts
Jumping Jacks Thrusters
Cross Jacks Incline DB Press
Back Lunge to High Knee (L) Overhead Tricep Extension
Skater Hops Ab Coaster
Back Lunge to High Knee (R) Leg Curl
Body Bridge Raise Leg Extension
Body Bridge Single Leg Raise (L) Squats
Jab, Jab, Kick Lat Pull Down (wide grip)
Body Bridge Raise Flat Bench Press
Body Bridge Single Leg Raise (R) Bent Over Row (Barbell)
Body Drops
Plank Shuffle
Mountain Climbers
Doggy Paddles
Lunge with a Twist
Inchworm with a Push Up
Butt Kicks
Cross Jacks
Jumping Jacks

Thursday was another cardio day. After the weight circuit, my legs were toast, so I just did some elliptical “running”. It is no-impact and my hips and legs needed that. I also spent about ten minutes stretching really well.

My trainer had a flat tire on Friday and had to cancel. I ended up working late so I called it a rest day. I was tired anyhow and was asleep early. I was glad I listened to my body!

To make up for the rest day, I went to the gym Saturday and did an hour on, what I call, the robot machine. It’s sort of a cross between an elliptical and a stair climber. There is no impact; it glides smoothly like the elliptical. However, the motion with your legs is similar to climbing stairs; it’s more up and forward. It’s tough to describe and it’s equally a tough workout.

I also did yard work on Saturday. I mowed the yard and did all the edging. It takes me about an hour and a half to complete everything. It was a nice day so I was dying in the heat. But, after the workout, pushing the mower and walking the yard again to do all the edging made me even more tired. But, I didn’t stop there. I did a lot of housework too. I’m trying to de-clutter, clean, and finish projects that I’ve been meaning to start. I made some good progress but still have loads to do. One of my goals for this year is to get rid of crap I just don’t use or need. I started this last year and didn’t do very well. I have way to much stuff! Way. Too. Much!

Sunday was grocery and meal prep day again. Thankfully, I have many of the items I need for my meals this week. I just need to restock salad supplies for my lunches and to pick up a few things for this dinner dish I want to make (see below).

Breakfast: Breakfast tacos and strawberries (fresh) – same as last week; they’re just THAT good

Morning snack: Maple walnut oats

Quick oats
Maple syrup
Chopped walnuts
A sprinkle of cinnamon and a small pat of butter (don’t judge, I like butter in

Lunch: Salad, homemade quinoa chili, and a tangerine

Spring mix with tomatoes, snow peas, shredded carrots, orange bell pepper, cucumber, and avocado with ginger dressing
Homemade turkey chili with quinoa, riced cauliflower, pinto beans and black beans (similar to last week but tried the quinoa and the riced cauliflower this week to mix it up)

Afternoon snack/pre-gym: Pink lady apple (my absolute fave)

Dinner: Shredded chicken “egg roll” bowl with some veggies (broccoli or Brussel sprouts)

Egg roll bowl: shredded chicken, broccoli slaw, shredded carrots, tamari, sesame oil

So the dinner recipe actually came from a Facebook share from one of my girlfriends. We have a fitness challenge group and Peas (that’s my friend; she blogs over at Southern Peas so go check her out) posted this recipe. She and her husband are doing Whole30 right now (she’s blogging about it so definitely check her page for Whole30 info!) and this one fell into the Whole30 approved pile. It also looked pretty darn tasty. Since I eat a lot of the same things over and over, I need recipes that are easy to help me break away from my usual go-to foods. Not that my go-to foods are bad; I just feel as though I should mix things up sometimes. You can find the actual recipe here.

Today was trainer day again. We did two HIIT circuits. The first was a cardio and weight circuit. The second was all cardio. Ermagoodness! Am I ever tired! Like, I wish I would stop writing tired! You can try these if you want. Again, may the force be with you! (Note: both circuits used a 30 second exercise time with a 10 second transition time)

Circuit One Circuit Two
Jump Rope Jumping Jacks
KB Swing Bicycles
Jump Rope Jumping Jacks
KB Figure 8’s Push Up w/Knee Tuck
Jump Rope Jumping Jacks
KB Squat, Curl, Press Plank
Jump Rope Jumping Jacks
KB Tricep Extension Mountain Climbers
Jump Rope Jumping Jacks
KB Squat Exchange Bear Crawl

In addition to logging all my food and exercise, I’m doing two additional challenges with my fitness challenge group. The first is a water challenge. Every morning, when I wake up, I drink 24 ounces of room temperature (warm is better but I struggle to drink warm water and I forgot to get lemons at the store; more on that brain fart shortly). There are a lot of benefits to drinking water and you can read them here. I like water and drink mostly water anyhow so the first week of this has been easy. Now, I just need to get those lemons and try to drink warmer water (close to body temp is best).

The second challenge is a 30-day ab challenge. You’ve probably seen the fitness memes that float around and this is one of those. We started today so you can join in too. The challenge is making to the end. Do you see how many sit ups and crunches are there?!


No joke, y’all! Look at all those sit ups and crunches!

So, I mentioned I have total ADD (or brain farts; whatever you want to call it). I meant to get lemons for my water at the store. But, I forgot to write it on my list. So, I didn’t get them. Apparently writing things on my list doesn’t mean anything though. I had eggs on my list and forgot those too. Pictures don’t lie folks. Total grocery fail.


You see it. Eggs. Right there. Didn’t cross them off the list. Didn’t buy them. Obviously, the list means nothing to me!

Overall, I think I had a good week. Here’s the rundown…

The good:

  1. I logged everything for the whole week; food, exercise, my terrible choice at Starbucks (because if I’m getting a free one, it’s going to be a $10 drink and at least it was skim milk – I logged it so I counted ALL those calories)
  2. I had a solid workout with my trainer last Wednesday and today.
  3. I went to the gym on Saturday and didn’t let the weekend give me an excuse to be lazy.
  4. My race roomie booked our room for Big Cottonwood. One less thing to think about!

The bad:

  1. This one could go in the good too, I suppose. After the gym on Saturday, I walked a few doors over to the Dollar General to get a couple cleaning items for my housework. When I was walking back to my car, I missed getting pooped on by a bird by about two inches. It landed two inches in front of my foot.
  2. My choice at Starbucks was bad. I mean, it tasted delicious, but it wasn’t good for me. At. All. I’m not beating myself up over it because I know I don’t indulge like that often. But, I know that it was not a good choice so I need to file it under “the bad”.

The ugly:

  1. True story – I was standing next to a guy at the gym who was wearing an Ironman Kona shirt. If you know anything about IM Kona, you know it is elite, like Boston Marathon elite. You have to qualify (or be famous) to get there. I asked him if he had done Kona and he said yes. I said something to the effect of how amazing of an accomplishment that is and how impressive it is. His response was “yea, it is”. Wow; way to be gracious there Captain Asshat.
  2. I have realized how much stuff I want and need to do around my house. I have SO much stuff. Just thinking about it all makes my head hurt. I need to make a list and start really thinking about the stuff that I use or don’t use. There is no need for one person to have three crock pots! Seriously, y’all; I have THREE!
  3. I need better sleep. I’m always so tired and, while I function OK, I know I could be so much more productive if I didn’t feel so damn tired all the time. I don’t have any kind of sleep disorder; I just don’t feel rested. I’ve got to figure out what to do to get better quality sleep.

It’s late tonight but I am committed to getting this blog done on Monday. So, I’m up way past my bedtime! But, it’s done now! So, peace y’all!

Until next Monday…gotta run.

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