Dirty Dozen Fun Mud Run

November 12, 2016

I run the Dirty Dozen Fun Mud Run with some of my coworkers every year. I think this is the fifth year that we’ve participated now. Normally, the race is on Memorial Day weekend. But, for the 2016 edition, the race was moved to November. Also, the race was moved back to the Sebring raceway. That makes it a much farther drive for me.

I met one of my coworkers at our offices so we could ride together; might as well carpool for the hour drive. Once we arrive, it costs $10 park. We park and then head over to the check-in area to get our race shirts and packets. This race is untimed and doesn’t use race bibs.

We’re quite early but I have team race shirts to hand out and I wanted to be available in case any of my team had questions. We have ten people running and not everyone has done this crazy race with us before.

Our wave starts at 10 AM. I stay towards the back because I know I’m not going to run. I have another race coming up in a couple of weeks and I can’t afford to be injured. As I approach the first obstacle; double stacked tires to climb/jump over; the person in front of me nearly hits me in the face. I shake my head, say a few swear words, and then walk around the obstacle. This isn’t starting out well.

The mud obstacles this year are no joke. The mud is thick, black mud and it is really hard to move through it. Once you’re out of the mud, you move to the next obstacle while the mud dries on you and becomes heavy. It was thick on my arms and legs and I struggled to try to get some of it off of me.

I skipped one other obstacle on the course; the inverted tilt wall. There were several people waiting to try it. I know my strengths, and more importantly, my weaknesses and know there is no way I was getting over that wall. So, I walked around it.


Swag bag and dog tag “medal”

Some of the obstacles this year were much more difficult than years passed. Usually, this is just a fun run with moderately easy and really easy obstacles. This year is the hardest of any of the years I’ve participated. I know I’m not in the greatest of shape but this just highlighted in blazing fashion how out of shape I truly am! And, on top of that, I’m covered in mud!

I changed into the race shirt (out of my team shirt) for the ride home. I brought a towel to sit on as well. Once I got home, I headed straight for the shower. My toenails and fingernails are just gross and I have mud embedded in my skin.


Time to get a shower! There’s so much mud embedded in my skin!

I generally enjoy this race. However, this year was not as fun for me. I think it would have been helpful to have some water obstacles after the mud obstacles to help keep the mud from getting so thick and heavy. Also, the ice water obstacle was completely unnecessary since it was about 60F today; it took my breath away to jump in that water – adding a pallet of ice wasn’t needed at all!

Until the next race…gotta run.

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