Star Wars Dark Side Tie Fighter 10k

April 16, 2016

After the 5k yesterday morning, I made it back to my room, showered and then headed to the Polynesian for breakfast. I ate breakfast with some of my girlfriends and then we stalked Beth’s wedding paparazzi style. No lie, we were in the bushes taking pictures and being quiet so we wouldn’t interrupt their special day. It was really quite funny and we did get some great pictures of them.


Giggling girls as we spy on our friends’ wedding. Such a beautiful day and so glad we could be a small part of it!

Once our paparazzi jobs were done, a few of us headed back over to the Expo. I needed to buy more socks and a couple of the other girls had to pick up things as well. Christina and I ended up waiting in line to get our picture with BB-8 as well.


Christina and I with our favorite droid!

I was pretty beat by the time I got back to the room. And, my ankle was kind of angry at me so I crawled in bed, propped my foot on some pillows and planted an ice pack on top of it. I quickly fell asleep. Cheertator called me at some point and woke me up. I was awake for a short time until he got back and then we both fell asleep. We had planned to make it to dinner with my friends at Teppan Edo in Japan in EPCOT but that didn’t happen. So, we drove over to Port Orleans French Quarter and had dinner in the food court. We also had some beignets. If you’ve never had these, please try them; they are delicious!

After dinner, we went back to the room, showered, and crashed again. I had to be up early for the 10k and then we’ll be running some errands before we meet up with everyone to celebrate Beth and Shane at their wedding luncheon.

My alarm sounds and I get up quietly. My ankle is so fat that I now have a cankle and it’s turning pretty shades of purple and blue thanks to some interesting bruising. I rub some Tiger Balm on it before I slip on my sock. I wash my hands, grab my breakfast, and head out the door.

I see a bus pulling away as I get to the bus stop. I still have plenty of time so I finish my breakfast. Other runners arrive and we are all waiting…and waiting…and waiting. After nearly 30 minutes, one of the runners calls Disney transportation. We weren’t late to the bus stop so we can’t figure out why there hasn’t been a bus in over 30 minutes. They assure us that there will be another bus shortly.

A short while later, a security van comes by and says that a bus will be around any minute. It has now been 45 minutes and we are in danger of missing the start! I’m kind of nervous because I don’t know how long the walk is to the corral since this is a new course.

A bus did arrive a couple of minutes after the security guard left. Everyone on the bus was a bit nervous about missing the start. Traffic did us zero favors either. By the time we got there, we were all rushing to get through the bag check area and to the corrals. Thankfully, I had no bag.

It was a long walk to the corrals but I made it just before the first corral started. In fact, the National Anthem was being sung while I was walking towards the corrals. Squeaking into the corral in the nick of time is not my idea of fun!

I was able to find my friends in the corral though. We were able to take a couple of pictures before we started as well. My friends, Shannon and Christina, and I decided to dress up as the droids for the race. Shannon is C3PO, Christina is R2D2, and I am BB8. We look really cute if I must say so myself!


Rey (Denise) has found the droids she was looking for. Er, really, it was BB-8 (me) who found the droids and Rey! Just in the nick of time; whew!

Shannon’s friend Valarie is running with us as well. Valarie is running on an injured knee so she and I plan to stick together. We will stop for pictures if time allows and if we see some that we really want to stop for. But, we are just going to run our intervals and finish when we finish.

The gun sounds and we are on our way. The first part of the course is along the road and it leads us into the backlot of EPCOT. This is the similar to the 10k course from Marathon and Princess weekends. We head into the backlot and some of our group is in line for the R2D2 picture stop. We jump in line with them and I text our friends behind us to see if they can make it. Fortunately, they were able to make it in time and we got an awesome group picture!


My favorite picture from the whole weekend because the timing worked out so well and we got a great group picture!

After that, everyone scattered again. We went into EPCOT and then headed towards the Boardwalk. From there, we followed the walkway to Hollywood Studios. Before the Hollywood Studios entrance, there were several costumed characters. I think these may have been volunteers from the 501st or perhaps even some volunteer cosplayers because there were no official Disney photographers around. Val and I stopped for a second to get pictures with Darth Vader and Boba Fett. But, a cast member started saying that the sweepers were not far behind. It didn’t seem like we were that far back. But, rather than chance it, we took off again.

From Hollywood Studios, we made our way along the road to the Wide World of Sports Complex. We turned into WWOS on a dirt trail. Val and I both wanted to be very careful here since the sand was very loose, so we walked most of the trail. We caught up with a couple of my friends again but didn’t stop for any more pictures.

The finish line was in the parking lot. My official time was 1:52:49. Considering the drama of getting to the race this morning and my fat and bruised ankle, I’m happy with this because I finished. My ankle hurts though and I need to ice it. We collect our medals and some refreshments and then head to the bus. I’ve got to get back to the hotel, shower and change clothes, and run a couple of errands before the wedding luncheon. I don’t have a ton of time either.


Two races done (for me) and one to go. Shannon (C3PO) was the only one to make sure her medal was facing proper in this pic!

So, until later…gotta run!

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