Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

April 17, 2016

I barely had time to breathe after the 10k yesterday. I got back to my room, cleaned up, and was right back out the door. We went to pick up a cake for the wedding luncheon for Beth and Shane. When we got to Publix, they were putting the finishing touches on it so we had to wait for a few minutes.

After we got the cake, we headed back to Disney to the Polynesian. We were able to covertly give the hostess the cake without Beth and Shane noticing so the cake was a total surprise to them. I’m so happy that it worked out; I had to do a lot of covert recon to get the right cake!

After lunch, we headed over to EPCOT. We walked around a little but ended up just sitting on a bench doing some people watching. We did a little shopping as well. I found a Darth Vader/Mickey Ear beanie for myself and a Chewbacca hat for Denise; both for our half marathon costumes.

We met with Denise, Lisa, and Jenn to have a dinner at Spice Road Table in Morocco. While we were there, we watched my sister get married via FaceTime. I felt terrible not being at my sister’s wedding. She had a very small ceremony and understood why I couldn’t be there. I still felt badly though.

After dinner, we went to the glacé place in France to have, what I have dubbed, ice cream hamburgers. It is an ice cream sandwich of sorts. A brioche bun is sliced open, a scoop of ice cream of your choice and your choice of syrup are then pressed between the bun slices in waffle iron type press. The resulting ice cream sandwich is nothing short of delicious!

I was pretty much beat by the time we got back to the room. I showered and was in bed with my foot elevated and on ice. I dozed off like this but woke up to put the ice bag in the sink.

My costume for the half is “Darth Trooper”. I have a Darth Vader tank top and beanie and Storm Trooper (robot) capris. I completed my costume with a light saber that lights up and makes sounds! It’s pretty funny.


I am Darth Trooper. I’m also too smiley to be a villain. 🙂

I arrive much earlier today and find my friends outside the runner area. We are able to get one group picture before we make the long walk to the corrals. We actually get to the corrals and the porta-potty lines aren’t too long so we all make a pit stop before heading to the corral.

The first part of this course is the same as yesterday. However, after we leave Hollywood Studios, we will head to Animal Kingdom before heading to Wide World of Sports. Val and I have decided to stick together today. We are both in rough shape. Her knee is really bothering her and she’s taped it to try to get some relief. My ankle is so swollen and I am convinced there will be a new book written about it called “50 Shades of Purple”. Both sides of my ankle and the top of my foot near my toes are all sorts of shades of purple and black. It is NOT pretty.

Once our corral goes, we start chugging along. Our intervals are 30 seconds/30 seconds; our runs are at a good pace but our walks are quite slow. We don’t plan on stopping for pictures so we just woggle along.

We make it out of EPCOT and along the Boardwalk. Then we head into Hollywood Studios. In the backlot area near Rockin’ Roller Coaster, there are some costume characters. I think these are the same from yesterday. We are able to jump in and take some quick selfies with Boba Fett and another Mandalorian and a Tusken Raider and Jawa. I’m so glad I got these pictures!


Pre-race group shot (bottom); Val and I on the course (top two) with some characters.

After Hollywood Studios, we are on the road headed to Animal Kingdom. We somehow manage to catch up to Shannon. We chat with her for a few intervals but she loses us pretty quickly; her walk is much faster than ours.

As we head into Animal Kingdom, we stop for a quick bathroom break. I’m waiting on Val and Shannon comes running up again. We must’ve passed her at a character stop and didn’t realize it. She runs with us through Animal Kingdom. Shannon and I stopped for a couple of quick pictures while Val kept chugging along. We were able to catch up to her pretty quickly though.


Shannon and I stop for a couple of pics as we try to catch up to Val.

The final stretch took us to Wide World of Sports and along the same dirt trail as yesterday. Val and I walked most of this again. We made our way to the soccer fields and the paved path and then finally to the finish line. My official time was 3:21:21. I’m so thankful to have finished all three races this weekend. I don’t even care about my time.

Val and I collect our medals, stop for a picture, and then collect some refreshments. We find Shannon and then head to the bus lines. Shannon has a fabulous massage therapist that she uses during race weekends and we all have appointments. He is going to set up in Shannon’s room so we all need to get showers before he arrives.


The medal haul for the weekend.

This has been a busy weekend. Beth and Shane got married, my sister got married, I ran three races on a severely sprained ankle, and in between all that, there was a lot of running around here and there. I am beat! I had a very relaxing massage before checking out of my room. I’m glad to be back home. Now, I need a vacation from my weekend! And, I need to rest this ankle and let it heal. I don’t have any races on my schedule until mid-June. Hopefully, I can take a week or so off and let this heal and then start getting some training for the Race 13.1 Roanoke stop.

Until then…gotta run!

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