Star Wars Dark Side 5k

April 15, 2016

Beth’s party wrapped up pretty early last night. After dinner, we took some pictures and then we all headed back to our rooms to get some rest. I also needed to put on a compression sock and ice and elevate my ankle. I was on my feet a lot and it shows in the swelling!

Cheertator made it to the hotel just before 10 PM. I helped him bring his stuff in and we both crashed pretty quickly.

The alarm sounds and I get moving. I’m such a slow mover in the morning! I get dressed and eat my breakfast while Cheertator gets ready. We are out the door on time. I’m thankful for the quick walk to the bus stop.


For the 5k, I found this cute X-wing fighter dress to wear as a costume. I’ll have to wear shorts under it but it will work for a short race.

Once we get to EPCOT, we head right to our corral. There aren’t a lot of my friends running the 5k. We make our way towards the front of the corral and wait. My friend, Christina, finds us and waits with us.

This 5k course is the same course used for the 5k at Marathon Weekend and Princess Weekend. So, it is a course I know well. We’ve decided we probably won’t stop for pictures because Cheertator has to get back to work this morning.

Once the National Anthem has been sung, corral A starts. We are in corral C; so we have about a ten minute wait. It flies by though and we’re on our way in what seems like a few seconds! We all take off together but Christina is definitely going to move faster than me! She wants to make some photo stops as well. We are just going to stick to our intervals and keep our fingers crossed for the best!


We are at the front of our corral and Carissa comes down to chat with some runners while we’re waiting.

We head out the parking lot and loop around to the backlot. The first “character stop” along the way is a piece of an AT-AT. The line for the stop was kind of long considering it was just “debris”. We thought it was kind of funny that the line was so long. All of the character lines were long so I was kind of glad we didn’t stop for any of the pictures. I didn’t even really notice what all of the character stops were since the lines were long and we didn’t want to stop.

The 5k races are untimed. So, my time from my Garmin was 47:13. Considering how much we walked and how bad my ankle hurt, I’m pretty happy with this time. Ironically, I noticed that my ankle hurt more when I was walking than it did while I was running.


Smiles. I’m probably cursing in my head. 🙂

We collect our medallions and some refreshments and then head to the bus so we can get back to the hotel. Cheertator has to go to work and I am going to meet the girls for breakfast and then paparazzi style wedding stalking! I also need to go back to the Expo. I realized I only bought two pairs of socks yesterday. I am running three races. Total brain fart!


5k done and my ankle is only moderately angry. One race done and two to go!

Until tomorrow…gotta run!

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