Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Health and Fitness Expo

January 6, 2016

I can’t believe it’s time for Marathon Weekend already. I’m not ready. At all. But, it is here so today I will go pick up my packet for my third Dopey Challenge.

I left work early so I could stop by my house before I head to packet pick up. I want to change into something other than my work clothes and I am going to take my pups to the kennel today. They’ll be staying an extra night over their normal stay. But, it will save me some wear and tear and gas in my car. Expense wise, it becomes a wash.

I arrive at the Wide World of Sports Complex. It isn’t as crowded as I had expected it to be. It is late afternoon though so most of the folks running the 5k or Dopey Challenge that have to do packet pick up today are probably already finished here. I don’t mind missing the early crowds; I don’t like to fight people for merchandise. Besides, I don’t generally buy much of it anyhow.

Packet pick up is in the HP Field House. I have my waiver printed and signed already so bib pick up takes me less than three minutes. I’m given my bibs and an Official Event Guide as well as my gear check sticker.

Dopey Bibs 2016

Dopey bibs; 5k and 10k bib on the left; half and full bib on the right

I then head to the shirt pickup station. This takes me an extra minute because I struggled with tearing the tag off my bibs. Those things were really attached! Next, I’m off to pick up my pre-order commemorative items. I ordered the Dopey Challenge pin bundle. I walk right up and have my pins in less than a minute.


Six new shirts; one for each of the events; and the commemorative pins for each of the events.

There is an official merchandise booth in the HP Field House so I take a gander at some of the available merchandise. Surprisingly, there is still a lot of stuff left. A lot of the Dopey Challenge gear is gone but there is a good bit of everything else leftover. I grab a Vinylmation; the Vinylmation this year has a 1-in-10 variant. I like the variant but not enough to buy multiples in hopes of getting it. I like the regular one too so I only grab one and stand in line to checkout.


The two Vinylmations. The left is the “regular” and the right is the “variant”. I got the left one.

Once I finish in the Field House, I meet my friend Christina outside. She has just arrived and needs to pick up her bibs. We chat for a few minutes and snap a few pictures. Then she heads to packet pick up while I head to do a little shopping at the Expo.

Collage 1-2016

Christina and I in front of the Marathon Weekend banner and me in front of the Dopey Challenge banner.

If you’ve been to one runDisney expo, you’ve essentially been to them all. Many of the vendors are the same and they are always busy. I know I need to buy a couple of items and I want to go in the Official Merchandise booth to see if there is anything that wasn’t in the booth at the Field House.

I hit the runDisney merchandise booth first. I don’t typically buy a lot of stuff because I don’t like junk and I don’t want to spend money on a stuff that I won’t use. I started to buy a Tervis tumbler because I have a few and I do love them but I decided not to. I like them but I don’t use my current ones that often so I can’t justify buying another one. As I peruse the aisles, I do find a long-sleeved pullover with a hood that I like. It is the Goofy Challenge style and, while I am running the Dopey Challenge, I really like this one so I decide to buy it. I know I can use it during the cooler times we have in central Florida. And BONUS, it has thumb holes!

Collage 2-2016

Even though I’m running the Dopey Challenge, I purchased the Goofy Challenge tech hoodie. The Dopey ones were sold out.

Once I finish in the runDisney merchandise booth, I look for booths that have the other items I need; Body Glide I find at the Track Shack booth and I purchased two visors at the Sparkle Athletic booth. Once I have those, I’m finished expo-ing and head back to my car.

Collage 3-2016

New Sparkle Athletic Visors; black on the left and gunmetal on the right.

I stopped at Cracker Barrel to have some dinner. They have this really delicious broccoli chicken bake on Wednesday nights as a special. I don’t eat CB very often especially for dinner. I knew when I got home I’d need to get busy packing so stopping for a bite here keeps me from 1. Eating fast food and 2. Eating cereal or trying to cook something at home. I even had some dessert; try the Coca-Cola cake, it is amazing!

I have to get all of my packing done tonight. When my alarm sounds in the morning, I’ll get myself dressed and get the last minute things thrown in my suitcase. Once I’m out the door, I won’t be coming back home until Sunday. I’m really looking forward to the weekend and hanging out with a lot of my friends that I only see a few times a year.

Dopey Challenge number three begins tomorrow!

Until then…gotta get packing!

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