Walt Disney World 10k

January 8, 2016

I had a busy day yesterday. After the 5k, I was able to check-in early at my hotel. This made me very happy because I was able to get a shower and clean-up before I met my friends for breakfast at the Kona Café. Breakfast there was so good. I definitely recommend it!

01 07 16_1740

This is why I love running; I met all of these fabulous people because of running! Our group having breakfast at Kona Cafe. The French toast was so good.

After breakfast, I went back to my hotel for a short while to finish getting myself settled in. I had left a few things in my car; like my cooler; and I needed to get them unloaded. Once I was settled, I headed to Magic Kingdom to meet up with Shellie and a group of our friends. I ended up having dinner with Shellie at Tony’s in Magic Kingdom. We both had spaghetti and meatballs and it was delicious! This was my first time eating at Tony’s. I will definitely go back!

01 07 16_1727

Shellie’s first time on the People Mover. I love this ride if only because I can sit for ten minutes!

Since I spent time in the park, I got back to my room a little later than I probably should have. That said, it wasn’t too late; not like I stayed for fireworks late! I have an early morning though so I quickly got my gear prepped and settled down for the night. It wasn’t long after hitting the pillow that I was out!

Day two of early alarms and I start grumbling immediately. But, I do get up. I’m not sure how transportation will be as this is my first time staying at Port Orleans Riverside. I want to get to the bus so my anxiety won’t kick in over being late.

I walk out the door and it is raining. I have a poncho in my pack so I pull it on. It is also cool so I have on a warm pullover. I have a feeling this one will come off today so I have attached my bib to my race belt. Incidentally, this is my first time using my race belt for my bib. I hope I like it!

I missed the bus by a minute or so but the runDisney cast member said another would be around shortly. It was maybe five minutes and another bus arrived.

Once we arrived, I made my way to the location my girlfriends selected for us to meet. We snap a few pre-race pictures and then we all head towards our corrals. It is still raining off and on; it’s quite annoying. But, I am super thankful that my friends Christina and Beth recommended these Sparkle Athletic visors. I’ve never worn one while running but it is keeping the rain out of my face so far and that’s a win in my book. Fingers crossed that it won’t hurt my head because I’m planning on wearing one of these for the two longer races as well.

01 08 16_1687

A quick meet-up for a picture before heading to our corrals.

Our corral finally moves up to the start line. Shellie and I are going to run together and I’ve reset my Garmin for her intervals (30 seconds/30 seconds). We don’t plan on stopping for pictures again today; just taking it easy and enjoying the race.

01 08 16_1700

Shannon, Shellie, Christina, and I waiting for our turn to start. Can’t you see all the happy faces behind us? Everyone LOVES this rain! Not so much.

The course hasn’t changed for the 10k since the inaugural 10k in 2014. It leaves the Epcot parking lot and goes out to the highway before bringing runners back into the park in World Showcase. Runners circle through World Showcase and exit through the International Gateway, go around the Boardwalk, and then head back into the park by the UK in World Showcase. Runners then head towards the front of the park, passing The Land and The Sea before heading to Spaceship Earth and then out to the parking lot for the finish line. See the course map (the red line) here.

01 08 16_1696

The start line for the WDW 10k.

We keep our intervals and just enjoy our run. It continues to rain off and on but we both ditched our ponchos and I took off my pullover. It is cool but I’m very warm while running. By the time we finish, we’re both soaked. I’m super happy though; my visor kept the rain off my face but more importantly, out of my eyes! And, my bib on belt worked great! Two scores!!

01 11 16_1641

Shellie and I after we finished. Shellie said she didn’t realize how tall I am until she saw herself next to me in this picture! She’s so petite!

My official finish time was 1:26:44. Once we finish, we collect our medals, some water, and our box of food. Shellie heads to meet her sister and I head to the bus. I’m making a trip to the airport to pick-up a couple of my friends. I’ll meet up with everyone later this afternoon at Animal Kingdom.

01 11 16_1609

The official finisher’s medal for the WDW 10k 2016.

Tomorrow is day three and the half marathon. I am feeling good so far; thankfully since I know that I have had some training issues due to injuries and such.

Until tomorrow…off to make airport runs!

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