Space Coast Marathon Weekend Expo

November 28, 2015

My mom is in town visiting me for Thanksgiving and has arranged her trip so that she’ll be able to see me run the Space Coast Marathon. She’s actually been here all week and we’ve been shopping and such. It has been a busy week and I haven’t gotten in much running.

We rented a car to go to Port Canaveral from my house. Mom wasn’t excited about driving my old girl that far. We went to the rental agency this morning to pick up the car. I had reserved a compact size car; it’s just the two of us and we each have one small bag. They ended up giving us a Kia Soul. Hooray for free upgrades.

We got on the road just before noon. It’s about an hour and 45 minutes to drive to the Expo location. And, it’s a super boring drive.

We made it to the hotel where the Expo is held. It is at the same place as last year so I knew right where I needed to go. We headed to the convention area and I went to pick up my bib first. It wasn’t super crowded in the hallway where the bib booths were but it wasn’t very convenient either. The hallway was very narrow so people that were lined up at their booth were blocking the walkway/hallway for people who needed to get to booths that were further down. It was just a big cluster.

After I got my bib, we went into the Expo area so I could get my race shirt and bag. I also wanted to look for a visor. I don’t usually run in a visor but I remember the sun being in my face at this race a lot last year and, if I can find something I like, I’d like to not have that again.

Space Coast Bib and Shirt

My bib and the official race shirt for Space Coast marathon.

I got my shirt and we tried to walk around. It was so crowded. We walked down all three aisles and I just couldn’t take it. There was nowhere to move and it was difficult to get around people to look at things. After five minutes, I told my mom we could leave. Even if I had found something, I wasn’t going to wait in line for 45 minutes to pay for it.

We headed to our hotel after leaving. Unfortunately, our room wasn’t ready. So, we found a Starbuck’s to grab a drink and chill for awhile. When we went back to the hotel, we were able to check-in and go relax before meeting some of my friends for dinner.

I am nervous about the race tomorrow. My training has been meh. I’ve had some nagging muscle issues that have been giving me issues and I’ve struggled to get miles done. I don’t expect to set a PR tomorrow, but I would like to get through the race with a smile on my face and not be miserable. I know I can get through the miles. But, I know how important training is and I know how bad my training has been.

Mom and I settle in for the night. I am going to get up and be ready to catch the first bus at 4:15 AM. She is going to wait until the buses after the start around 8 AM. She will have plenty of time to make it before I finish. Hopefully, I will finish in enough time to get back to the hotel and shower. I was able to get late checkout at 1 PM but I’m worried that won’t be late enough (can you tell I’m not optimistic about this race?).

Until tomorrow…gotta run!

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