Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5k

November 7, 2015

I got back to my room fairly late last night. I knew I would have a later night considering I went all the way back to Winter Haven from Disney last night for a little get together at a coworker’s house. I left that about 9 PM and, after stopping for gas, I got back to the resort around 10 PM. By the time I was showered and had all of my stuff set for the morning, it was 11:30 PM when I was crawling in bed. My alarm will ring around 3:45 AM. That is way too early. But, I did sign up for this.

When the alarm did ring, I am certain I said a few swear words before begrudgingly crawling out of bed. I was actually sleeping kind of good. This is unusual for me and I don’t get to take advantage of that enough. I would rather be sleeping.

It doesn’t take me incredibly long to get dressed. But, I did have some costume troubles. I was planning to revive my Dole Whip costume from Wine & Dine last year. In doing this, I tried to figure out a different way to do the twirl head piece. I had attached the twirl to a cone birthday hat. I pinned the hat to my hair with copious amounts of Bobbie pins. Alas, this did not work. I made a couple of swift movements just to test it and it slipped right off. This is a lesson in why you should try things out BEFORE the race. I don’t have a backup plan; my bib is already pinned to my yellow apron and I’m too lazy to unpin it, take off the apron, and attach the bib to my shirt. So, I opt to wear the yellow apron with no head piece. I may look odd but, at this point, I don’t care. Oh bother.


The Dole Whip headpiece on a test run in my bathroom at home. Not. Enough. Testing. Back to the drawing board on this one.

I head over to the event buses. Even though there is a bus stop right across the street from my building, I have to make a five or so minute walk to the main building to get to the event buses. This is good to know for the race tonight. There isn’t much line when I arrive and there is a bus loading that I am able to board.

I met a couple of really nice girls while riding. They are from the Fort Lauderdale area and they are running their first runDisney race this morning. They have also signed up to do the 10k during the Star Wars race weekend in Florida next April. We chat all the way to Animal Kingdom about races, running, training, and Disney. It was so great to meet them; I hope our paths will cross again.

Once I’m off the bus, I start to head to my corral. I know a couple of my friends are running this morning so I hope to catch up with them as well. Also, I go to the bathroom now since the lines aren’t long. I’ll be waiting in the corral for about 45 minutes or so before we start moving. It’s humid this morning and I’m already drinking a bottle of water. If I don’t go to the bathroom now, I’ll regret it later.

5k Map

Jingle Jungle 5k Course Map 2015 (same as 2014 course)

I am waiting in the corral and have located my friends. They are standing in the long line to get a picture with Mickey and Minnie. Eventually, they give up and Christina comes to join me. Shellie is in the corral behind us and Christina’s friend, Heather, is in the corral ahead of us. We’re going to run to meet Heather at the first photo stop (hopefully).


Christina and I just before entering Animal Kingdom during the first mile of the race.

It’s finally time for us to start running. I’ve got my intervals set for one minute run/one minute walk. Christina and I take it easy as it’s warm and humid and we know we have a longer race tonight.


The start line as we approach and get ready to run.

The first mile of the course is mostly through the parking lot. It takes us just under 13 minutes (by my Garmin). As we enter Animal Kingdom, we hit the first mile marker and the first picture stop. Heather is there and waiting so we jump in line with her.


The last picture stop on the 5k course.

The next two miles have more picture stops and the course is pretty crowded. We wait in picture lines and the course thins out. In fact, it thins so much that we are able to run easier to the next stops. Christina and I run ahead and wait in line and Heather catches up and joins us. I’ve never done a race with someone like this. I’ve raced between picture stops before but I’ve never had one person go ahead and hold a place in the picture line. It’s quite brilliant actually.

I giggled because I let my Garmin keep running while we were waiting. Our second mile pace was over 37 minutes. And, our third mile pace was over 27 minutes. By the time I crossed the finish line, my Garmin said 1:22:02. Since the Jingle Jungle is a fun run and is not timed, that’s as official as it gets.

JJ5k Character Pics

Christina, Heather, and me at the character stops during the race.

I enjoyed this race a lot. Mostly because I ran with Christina and Heather and I got a lot of pictures. It was fun to race from picture to picture and not worry about time. I don’t get a lot of race experiences like this one so it was nice to just have a good time.

We collect our medals and our food boxes. Christina and Heather head over to get pictures with Mickey and Minnie and I head back to my room. I’m going to meet up with some of my other girlfriends today and I desperately need a shower. It was so muggy during this race. I hope that it will mellow out for tonight but, this is Florida, so who knows.


One hot and sweaty 5k, DONE!

Until later…gotta run!

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3 Responses to Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5k

  1. Britt says:

    Love the pics! It sounds like you had a great time!!

    • runbrandyrun says:

      Thanks, Britt! Seriously, this was probably one of the most fun runs I have done in a long time. Running with friends through a theme park and stopping for pictures is such fun! It’s nice to just enjoy the experience rather than just running to the finish. Happy running!

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