Dirty Dozen Fun Mud Run 2015

May 23, 2015

This is my fourth year running the Dirty Dozen Fun Mud Run. I run it with a group of coworkers. This year we’ve entered two teams with a total of 20 people. Cheertator is even coming along and has brought some clothes in case we need a last minute sub. When I left work yesterday, I had filled in all the spots that people had backed out of at the last minute. I am crossing my fingers that there aren’t any no-shows today.

We arrive early because I have shirts to hand out and I need to direct everyone. I also need to let my subs know who they are running in place of so that they can get the appropriate packets. This race doesn’t use bibs so we don’t have to worry about any name changes or anything.

I am so thankful that everyone shows up. One of my coworkers recruited his girlfriend and a couple of his friends at the last minute and they were able to fill in for us. And, since we have enough people, Cheertator has offered to be the official photographer for our team. We are wearing bright green shirts so he should be able to spot us on the course. Unfortunately, a couple of other groups also chose bright green for their team shirts. This might make it a bit more challenging for Cheertator.

We gather around for a couple of group pictures before we head through the gates to the start line. We have a pretty large crowd of spectators for our group as well. I’m really glad so many people came out to show their support.

The Kegel Mud Runners before the start of the Dirty Dozen Fun Mud Run.

We are finally off to run. The course is two miles long and there are 12 obstacles along the way. The first obstacle is tires; think football players running through the tires. One of my teammates lost a shoe on this obstacle and grabbed it and carried it through the rest of the race.

This is what it looks like when you tell the runners to look up and wave at the drone camera.

After the tires, we went over some dirt hills and into some ditches filled with water. I was able to jump over the water on these. Then we headed to a fox hole to crawl under a fence.

The first two obstacles; tires and then dirt mounds into ditches of water.

After the fox hole, we made our long trek into the orange grove through the sugar sand. This doesn’t count as an obstacle but it totally should. Running through the sugar sand is just brutal. Many of my teammates were ahead of me as I walked through a good portion of the sugar sand. I did, however, pass a lot of people while I was walking. I am a pretty fast walker and feel more efficient walking through the sugar sand. Additionally, I tried to stay near the back of the pack as I wanted to make sure no one from our team was deserted.

As we made our way back to the beginning of the orange grove, we ran down a stretch of dirt road and turned back into the National Guard Armory. We jumped through a ring of fire and then dove into a large dumpster filled with ice water. It was cold but also refreshing because it was a really hot day.

Jump through fire, wade through a dumpster of ice water, over (or under) the wires, over the slat wall, and through the trench.

The next obstacles were wires to step over (or crawl under as I saw some people do), a slat wall to climb up and over, a long trench filled with water to walk through, some container trucks to zig-zag around, an inverted wall to climb over (I had to skip this obstacle as I couldn’t pull myself up), a rope ladder to climb up and over, a belly crawl under some wires through the mud, and another large trench of water that you had to climb a dirt hill to get in and get out of.

The rope ladder, another slat wall, the belly crawl through the mud, and the final trench.

As always, the final obstacle is a slip and slide. I always do the slip and slide; get a running start and then dive! I find this one really fun. They have fire hoses constantly spraying so it’s also a chance to rinse off a little.

My finish time, as I was told when I was handed my finisher’s card, was 35:41. After I completed my card, I went back around on the course and waited for the last two people on our team to finish.

Terrance and I waited for Brent to finish. Brent lost his shoe on the first obstacle and did the entire race wearing just one shoe!

After they had finished, we all went over to the shower to rinse off our feet and legs. I gave Brent his shoe back as he had tossed it to me before he did the last couple of obstacles while I cheered for him.

Cheertator got a lot of great pictures and he ran back and forth between obstacles to get pictures of everyone at different points. He did really well being the official Kegel Mud Runners photographer. We’ll definitely invite him back again next year.

The official race t-shirt and finisher's "medal"; a dog tag.

Mud runs are a lot of fun. If you haven’t done one, I highly recommend finding a small one to start with. They can be really competitive once you get to the Spartan Races, Warrior Dash, etc. Those also have obstacles that are much harder. I also recommend doing them with a team. If you run with a team; and if your team actually sticks together; you can help each other through the tougher obstacles.

Since I run with my coworkers and our company sponsors us, my race expenses are limited for this race.

Dirty Dozen by the dollars:

Parking: $5
That’s it. Just $5. Of course, we did get something to eat and there was gas to drive to the event. If I include those costs, the total was probably about $50.

Until next time…gotta run.

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