Star Wars 5k

January 16, 2015

It’s another early morning for Cheertator and me. We both fell asleep pretty quickly last night but we’re still dragging somewhat. The Wookie Welcome Party was fun but we were out a bit late. Thankfully, we can run the Star Wars 5k this morning and then come back to the room and rest for awhile. We aren’t going to the parks so we don’t have any real plans. We’ll probably just tool around a little; maybe go shopping or just walk around a little.

We get dressed and eat breakfast in the room. When we head out, there are other runners passing by in costumes. We aren’t wearing costumes for any of the races though we did throw out some really fun ideas. Maybe if we decide to do this race again in the future, we’ll make a decision on costumes earlier and actually do what we thought about doing. Our costume ideas were spectacular!

The walk takes about ten minutes. We’re in the family reunion area where the main stage is setup. We wait around there for a little bit and then decide we just go ahead to our corral. If we’re going to be waiting, we might as well wait close to the front of the corral. (Here is the official program with all kinds of info for the race weekend!)

The 5k isn’t a timed event so we aren’t planning to ‘race’ it. This is also Cheertator’s first runDisney event and I’d like him to enjoy it. We can stop for pictures if he wants or we can run/walk the whole thing; it doesn’t matter to me.

Once the National Anthem is done, corrals start moving out pretty quickly. It isn’t too long before we’re on our way. We make our through a back entrance and into Disneyland. We’re doing 1/1 intervals and just taking it easy. Cheertator wants to run way faster than I do but I think the speed is easier on his shins; he is having shin splint issues despite being all KT taped up.

The course is crowded and picture stops, even at the mile markers, are long. We don’t stop for any pictures. I snap a couple here and there as we walk by, but most of them turned out too blurry. I even got one funny one of Cheertator “using” the payphone; who knew those still existed?!; but it was blurry too.

Once we exit Disneyland, we follow the street past Disney’s California Adventure before turning into the backlot of DCA and heading into the park. We wind through California Adventure before exiting the park and running through Downtown Disney. We make the right just past the ESPN Zone and head towards the finish line.

Cheertator has just finished his first 5k runDisney race; we finished in 46:08 by my Garmin. I don’t know if he’s happy about this or not. All I know is he has been yelling at me most of the race. He has wireless headphones and has both of the earpieces in his ears. Every time I tried to say something to him, he ended up yelling at me with his response. We had a lady that was watching the race in Downtown Disney laughing at us because I yelled at him about yelling at me while we were walking past her. She realized he couldn’t hear me and made a joke about it to me. This behavior went on through the entire race!

We collected our finisher medallions and then stopped for a finisher picture. We collected the snack boxes and then started walking back to our hotel. As we walked, we crossed the path of the race in Downtown Disney. We had to wait a few minutes to be allowed to pass so we cheered on the other runners that were coming in. We also made jokes about the ranch corn stuff that was in the snack box. I don’t care for corn and this stuff was extra weird to me.

Star Wars 5k Finisher's Medal

Star Wars 5k Finisher’s Medal

We stopped at the breakfast buffet at the hotel and had a small bite to eat before heading back to our room. We both want to shower and nap.

Cheertator said the 5k wasn’t bad. He enjoyed the race itself but he didn’t enjoy how crowded it was. He also said he finally understands what I mean when I complain about people stopping randomly and walking three and four wide blocking the course. He almost got tripped a couple of times from people just stopping with no warning in front of or near him. And, the picture stops were so crowded that we opted not to stop for any. Maybe tomorrow will be better for pictures.

One race and 3.1 miles down. Two races and 19.3 miles to go.

Until tomorrow…gotta run.

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