Star Wars 10k

January 17, 2015

The alarm rings early yet again. I get up and use the bathroom first. It takes me longer to get dressed anyhow. I’m slow as usual but I’m moving. Cheertator stays in bed a little longer while I’m getting myself together.

Once he’s moving, we both finish getting ready and eat breakfast. Neither of us are morning types so I doubt we’ve said 10 words to each other. We’re just going through the motions of getting ready.

It was cool yesterday and it is again today. I’ve got a light running jacket on and Cheertator is wearing a long sleeved tech shirt. I appreciate the cool weather for running. It’s so much nicer to run in weather like this that it is to run in hot, humid weather.

We walk straight to the corral this morning. There is no need for us to go to the family reunion area or bag check. We have a pretty long wait in the corral but we’re pretty close to the front. Clips from various Star Wars movies are being played on the giant screens so this, along with the race announcers, is helping pass the time. We’ve also been chatting with some of the other runners. Cheertator isn’t a social butterfly like I am but even he’s chatting with folks around us. We’re also checking out the costumes. So far, the best costume we’ve seen was during the 5k and it was Lego Princess Leia. It was great!

After the National Anthem, corrals start moving onto the course. We still have a bit of a wait but the time goes by pretty quickly once corrals are going. Before we know it, we’re standing in the start block waiting for our corral to start.

Corral C; our "home" for the 10k and half marathon.  This is the only picture I took during the 10k.

Corral C; our “home” for the 10k and half marathon. This is the only picture I took during the 10k.

The first mile and a half of the course is outside the park and it includes an overpass that we have to run up and over. Cheertator quickly expresses his displeasure with this. I agree though, it stinks. We finally turn off the streets of Anaheim and into the courtyard area between Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. We head into Disneyland and wind through the park for a little more than a mile. Then we head out the back lot and around the entire park before cutting back through the courtyard and into Disney’s California Adventure.

We’ve been doing intervals but Cheertator is having more issues with his shin splints. I walk faster than him and my fast walking isn’t helping. He runs faster than me and his fast running isn’t helping me. We really aren’t the best running mates! It’s been crowded through the parks so we’ve walked a good bit. We run when we can and I let Cheertator run ahead of me. He stops and then I catch up. For the most part, this has worked but I don’t know if this same strategy will work tomorrow during the half marathon.

We enter DCA around mile four and wind through the park for about a mile and a half. We exit through the back lot near the Cars ride and head back towards Downtown Disney and the Disneyland hotels. The last quarter of a mile is through parking lots and the street between Downtown Disney and the Disneyland Hotel.

We cross the finish line in 1:35:35. After we collect our finisher’s medals and water and Powerade, we stop for finisher pictures. Then we head through the tents to get some snack boxes and then into the family reunion area.

Star Wars 10k Finisher's Medal

Star Wars 10k Finisher’s Medal

We don’t stop to eat; we start walking back to the hotel. It’s the same food as yesterday in the boxes so I immediately toss out the ranch corn. We both eat a little of the food as we walk but then decide to hit the breakfast buffet at the hotel again. The breakfast there isn’t the greatest but it’s not bad either. And, it’s warm.

Cheertator said the 10k wasn’t bad either. His shins were definitely bothering him and he’s worried about that going into the long race tomorrow. The KT tape helps but it’s still painful. He’s been putting his compression sleeves on as well. He’s going to try running with them tomorrow so hopefully that will help. He just wants to get through the race.

We have no plans again today. We’re going to relax and probably take a nap. We’ve decided to walk to the little Italian restaurant down the street. They have really good food and it isn’t very expensive. We’ll probably go to bed early as well since we have to be up early again and tomorrow will be a super long day. We’re flying back to Florida right after the race as Cheertator has to get back to work.

Two races and 9.3 miles down. One race and 13.1 miles to go.

Until tomorrow…gotta run!

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