Stars Wars Half Marathon Weekend Health and Fitness Expo

January 15, 2015

I’m running on very little sleep. After taking my pups to the kennel yesterday afternoon, I went home to finish packing the last of my things that I needed for Star Wars weekend. I stayed up a bit later than I wanted to, considering I had to wake up around 3 AM to get dressed to go to the airport.

I have a friend traveling with me this weekend. Cheertator is going to run with me. I’m super excited about this because it’s his first runDisney races. I’m sure deep down that he is cursing me and Disney, but he can only blame himself for this situation.

When I really got into running, I asked Cheertator if he would ever run a race with me. He emphatically told me that the only way he would ever run a race with me was if it was a Star Wars themed race. He loves Star Wars. Well, Disney bought Star Wars. When that happened, I warned him that a Star Wars race would be coming. He kept laughing and saying it wouldn’t. So, on the morning that runDisney tweeted the first teaser about the race, I sent him a screenshot of the tweet and told him he better start training. And now, here we are. Open mouth, insert foot.

The tweet that launched 20,000 runners.

The tweet that launched 20,000 runners.

We rode together so we only have to pay for one car to park. We’re both dragging but we’re moving and we make it to the airport with not a lot of time to spare. Thanks to McDonald’s for taking so long with our breakfast.

We are flying Southwest and we’ve paid for Early Bird check-in, so we have pretty good boarding position. We board the plane and find seats. We get comfortable and before long we’re pushing away from the gate and taking off. Anaheim, here we come.

I’m generally asleep before the plane ever takes off. It may not be good sleep, but it is sleep nonetheless. I don’t sleep the entire way, but I sleep a good portion of the flight. I wake up about 30 minutes before we land in Texas. We have to change planes so we get to stretch our legs. I don’t mind a stopover because it breaks up the trip.

Once we leave Texas, we’re on our way to Anaheim. The flight is smooth and I, once again, sleep through a majority of it. I think the sleep really just makes me more tired.

I’ve already arranged transportation to get to the hotel. We’re staying at a Best Western right across the street from Disneyland. I stayed in the same hotel a couple of times last year. It isn’t the greatest but I like that I can walk to Disneyland and there are several restaurants within a few minutes’ walk.

Once we get settled at the hotel, we both stretch out and relax for a bit. The Expo opened shortly before we landed. We aren’t in a hurry to go over and fight the crowds so we take some time to nap.

I’ve already printed and we’ve signed our waivers. When we finally make it to Packet Pickup, our pickups go very smoothly. We both are running the Rebel Challenge and the Family Fun Run 5k so we have to get bibs for both. Since we’re doing the challenge, and since I’m eligible for my Coast to Coast medal, we have to get our pictures taken with our bibs. We will be verified after we finish the half marathon before we receive our challenge medals.

Race bibs for the Star Wars 5k and the Rebel Challenge and all of the official race shirts.

Race bibs for the Star Wars 5k and the Rebel Challenge and all of the official race shirts.

I’ve also preordered the Star Wars Dooney & Bourke crossbody purse. There isn’t anyone in line so this goes very quickly. Now, we can head upstairs to the Health & Fitness Expo.

My new D&B bag and the commemorative pins for the races this weekend.

My new D&B bag and the commemorative pins for the races this weekend.

It’s really crowded in the Expo. We walk around and look at the merchandise after we get our race shirts and gear check bags. We didn’t see anything that we really needed to buy but we did stop at the KT Tape booth to get taped up. My ankle is still a bit tender from last weekend. We buy a couple of rolls of tape as well because we love this stuff.

After that, we go over to the official runDisney merchandise booth. We have to wait in a fairly long line to get in the booth. We probably waited 20 or so minutes before we were finally able to enter the booth. We checked out all the stuff but neither of us wanted anything so we walked out empty handed.

We decide to walk over to Downtown Disney to have a late lunch/early dinner. We end up eating at ESPN Zone; which we really enjoy. Cheertator even gets himself a fancy storm trooper mug.

After eating, we headed back to the hotel. We dropped our stuff off and then walked down the street to the CVS. We bought some snacks and breakfast food and water. We won’t be going to the parks while we’re here but we don’t want to have to go somewhere every time we want a little snack.

We’re going to rest a little more when we get back from the store. We have tickets to the Wookie Welcome Party tonight. It starts at 10 PM so we have a pretty good amount of time to just relax before we have to walk to Disneyland. We aren’t really sure what to expect for the party so I hope it’s good.

Until later…gotta run.

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