Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Health & Fitness Expo

January 7, 2015

It’s Dopey time! Again!

I may sound like I’m glutton for some sort of punishment or I may just sound crazy, but I really enjoyed my Dopey experience last year. I said I’d do it again and here I am. It’s January and it’s time to go pick up my packet for Dopey weekend again.

I had a busy year last year and I knew, coming into this year, that I would be scaling back on races. Last year, I was plagued with sickness and nagging injuries. Running so many races also kept me less than prepared for races. I was able to complete my races but I was never as prepared as I wanted to be so I was never able to truly improve. This is a true testament to quality over quantity. And, while I am starting the year as a repeat of the start of 2014; with Dopey and Star Wars this year; I plan on taking some time to reset and reassess my goals with respect to running and races.

I went to work this morning and was mostly distracted until I finally called it quits around 3 PM. I was able to get some things taken care of before leaving for a couple of vacation days. But, knowing all the fun meet-ups and such that I was missing distracted me and made me want to pack up really early!

I made a quick stop at home before heading to the Expo. I know I’ll be gone for a good bit and my pups won’t appreciate waiting so long to go potty. I can change out of my work clothes also.

It takes me just under an hour to get to the Wide World of Sports Complex from my house. It is still fairly crowded given that it’s after 6 PM when I arrive. The Expo is only open until 8 PM, I believe. All of the Expo information and race weekend information can be found in the official program.

I head straight to packet pick up. I have my confirmation emails just in case and I’ve already signed my waiver. I’m able to get my bibs with very little wait. I then head to get my shirts. I didn’t have to wait here either. And, I was able to easily trade my shirts for a different size. So far, it’s been smooth sailing.

My bibs and all of the official race shirts for marathon weekend.

My bibs and all of the official race shirts for marathon weekend.

I head over to the booth to pick up my commemorative pins. There was one person in line in front of me so I waited about two minutes. Once I finished there, I took a quick walk through the Official Merchandise booth. There wasn’t a lot left in the booth so I checked out the other vendors that had booths in the packet pickup area.

All of the commemorative pins for the races this weekend.

All of the commemorative pins for the races this weekend.

FlipBelt had a booth. I’ve heard some good things about these. I don’t prefer my SPI belt because it bounces so much. It isn’t awful but I just think there must be something better. I talk to the folks at FlipBelt and end up buying one. I really like how this one sits on my waist and it holds a lot of stuff. I’m hoping it will be good when I run. Fingers crossed.

As I’m leaving the packet pickup hall, I have to wait in line to get my photo taken with my bib. Rather than giving out wristbands at the end of each race, runDisney is taking your photo with your race bib. They will verify it’s you by your race bib and photo at the end of the race. That’s the only way you’ll get the challenge medals. Goofy and Dopey runners have to stop for this picture. They have several stations though, so it doesn’t take long at all.

I’m not really a purse person. But, I really like the Marathon Weekend Dooney & Bourke purses. I liked it so much that I preordered a wristlet. I head over to the D&B area to pickup my purse now that I’ve got my bibs and shirts. Since I preordered, there is a special line that I am able to go through. There is no one in my line so I am able to walk right up and get my item. The lady working the table even helped me pick out a good one that has Dopey on the front (good placement is what it’s called in the purse world; who knew?!).

My new D&B wristlet and my 2015 runDisney vinylmation.

My new D&B wristlet and my 2015 runDisney vinylmation.

Now that I’ve got most of my stuff, I head over to the Expo floor. I want to walk through the official merchandise booth to get my Mickey vinylmation. I also want to peruse the other offerings to see if I “need” anything.

The Expo floor is still really crowded. I don’t anticipate buying much but I like to look. The official merchandise booth is really crowded. I get frustrated trying to walk around people. And, most of the merchandise is just meh to me. I’m pretty underwhelmed at a lot of it. I was going to buy a magnet but even that didn’t make me excited. So, I purchased my vinyl Mickey and headed to walk the rest of the Expo.

I didn’t buy much at all. In fact, aside from my vinyl Mickey, I only bought some socks. Track Shack is carrying SwiftWick socks now and I really like them. They have an Expo special going so I buy myself some new socks. I may already have 100 pairs of running socks, but you can never have too many in my opinion.

Commemorative, free photos taken at the Health & Fitness Expo.

Commemorative, free photos taken at the Health & Fitness Expo.

After wasting a good bit of time, I decide I’ve had enough. I’ve got four early mornings ahead of me so I need to get back home. I head back to the car and make my way back home. I grab a quick bite to eat as well. I’ve still got to put out my running clothes for the morning and I’m not quite finished packing for the rest of my long weekend.

Here’s to another fun runDisney weekend and Dopey #2.

Until tomorrow…gotta run!

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