Walt Disney World 10k

January 9, 2015

On my way back to WDW yesterday afternoon, I stopped at Publix and got some breakfast foods, snacks, and water. By doing this, I save myself some money on food in the resort and I can eat at my pace while I’m getting dressed.

The alarm rings at 2:45 AM. That’s earlier than necessary but it gives me a few minutes to just stretch out in bed before I have to get moving. I flip on the light and turn the TV to Sports Center. It’s my go to show when I’m getting ready in the mornings.

My gear is on the spare bed. Once I’m up, I brush my teeth and put my contacts in. I get dressed and eat my cereal while I’m watching TV. I’m moving slow but I have plenty of time.

I head out the door just before 4 AM. I have a long walk to the main building where the buses pick up and drop off. In fact, I am almost at the furthest point that I can be from the main building. Two rooms down is the furthest point. This walk will likely suck after the marathon.

It is cold outside again this morning but the wind isn’t blowing as badly so it’s more tolerable than yesterday. I have on two shirts again; a running tank and a long sleeved tech shirt; and I’ve got my gloves and ear warmer headband. I have on a pullover also but I’ll probably take it off before I start running. I’ve pinned my bib to my long sleeved shirt in anticipation of taking off the pullover.

I meet some friends in my corral. John is a runner but he is also a bowler. I work in the bowling industry and have a ton of friends that are bowlers and/or colleagues. I don’t have a lot of friends that crossover into my “recreational” running life. I’ve been friends with John on Facebook for quite some time. But, this morning, is the first time we’ve met in person!

Waiting in corral D with my new friends!

Waiting in corral D with my new friends!

We chat amongst ourselves and with some of our new found friends. This helps the time move by quite quickly. Before we know it, the National Anthem is done and we are moving toward the start line. We are right in the front helping “carry” the tape that’s roping us off as we move to the start line.

It’s our time to go and John takes off. I’m not in any hurry so I make my way off to the side like I like to do. When I stop to take a picture of Anna and Elsa on the bridge, one of the other runners we had been chatting with stopped next to me. She asks what intervals I’m doing and if she can run with me. I like having a run buddy; I agree and we take off again. (Official course map)

We didn’t stop for character pictures. And, we stopped only briefly at each mile marker so I could get my mile marker selfies. Kim was super nice and I had a great time running with her. She has done a couple of races for Team in Training; a charity team that benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. She told me a lot about it while we were doing our walk intervals. I’ve only done one race with a charity and it was a small charity. Team in Training has a huge support network. Her experience sounded like a very rewarding one (my one experience running for charity was also extremely rewarding; hearing her experience made me realize how different the charity experiences can be).

All six mile markers on the 10k course. They get progressively better!

All six mile markers on the 10k course. They get progressively better!

We finished in 1:23:51. We collected our medals and made our way through the finisher’s chute to get water and such. Once again, we were shuffled through the “check” tent where we thought we would need to be verified with our bibs. Not getting checked is making me a bit nervous; not gonna lie! I don’t want there to be issues on the last day that cause me (or anyone else) not to get their challenge medals!

Finished the 10k with Kim! Two happy runners!!

Finished the 10k with Kim! Two happy runners!!

Kim and I wait in line for pictures with Sport Daisy. After that, Kim had to go. Since I had nowhere else to be, I waited in line for a picture with Dopey. Once I got my pictures, I headed for the bus so I could get back to the hotel.

My two character pictures after the race.

My two character pictures after the race.

I have zero plans for today except maybe a little nap. I think I will head over to Downtown Disney just to get out of the room and walk around some. I know I’ll want to start settling down early again tonight. There are two more early wake up calls ahead of me and they won’t get any easier. I’m also going to meet John and his brother for dinner at a place just off Disney property.

Two races down, two races to go. Mileage wise, not even halfway through Dopey #2!

Gotta run!

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