Jeff Galloway Half Marathon (Virtual Option – JG13.1)

December 14, 2014

When Jeff Galloway announced the inaugural JG13.1 in Atlanta, I tried to figure out a way to get it in my schedule. My biggest issue is that it is so close to the holiday and I already have so much going on around this time. Then, the virtual option was announced. Runners could do the distance and still get the inaugural medal. Additionally, by doing the virtual option, runners would still be eligible for legacy status if they continue to run the race. I opted to do the virtual race since I couldn’t make it to Atlanta.

I ran the OUC half marathon December 6 and used that as my JG virtual 13.1. As I mentioned in my recap for OUC, it was hot and humid and far from a personal best for me. It also wasn’t my greatest race of the year for many reasons but there is no need for me to rehash that now. I’ve moved on.

I got my race medal and race shirt in the mail in late February. The race shirt is really nice (though I don’t really like white). And, I LOVE the medal. It’s just pretty to me.

While I don't love the white shirt, the design on the JG13.1 shirt is nice.

While I don’t love the white shirt, the design on the JG13.1 shirt is nice.

I love the medal for the JG13.1. It's really pretty.

I love the medal for the JG13.1. It’s really pretty.

I know the JG13.1 for 2015 is again in mid-December; the 13th this year. I don’t know if I will be able to do it. I won’t really know until later in the year. But, I’ve put it on my calendar as a tentative possibility. Unfortunately, I think it might be a long shot because my company’s holiday party is usually around this time. But, I’ll try to remain optimistic. If I can’t make it the JG13.1, I’ll have to find another Georgia race; and yes, I realize there are PUH-LENTY of them; to do so that I can mark Georgia off my state list.

JG13.1 costs:

Registration: ~$52

Gotta run.

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