Avenger’s Super Heroes Half Marathon ChEAR Squad

November 16, 2014

After coming out to Tinker Bell with me in January and getting the platinum ChEAR Squad treatment, Cheertator had to have the platinum package again for this weekend. The reserved seating was worth it so that there was the best view for the finish line. We have a couple of the stadium blankets already but these things are pretty handy so we aren’t mad about getting a third one. The t-shirt, on the other hand, we’ll never use it (it’ll probably go on the 2014 epic race adventure t-shirt blanket). The complimentary beverages and access to the VIP area are also nice perks.

We walked over from the hotel this morning and Cheertator headed to the reserved seating area while I headed to my corral. We kept in contact all through the race even though we were signed up for alerts as well. By texting, it gave us a better opportunity to catch some video and pictures at the finish line.

Here is Cheertator’s recap of the ChEAR Squad experience.

I headed over to the reserve area so I could go ahead and get a seat. There are a lot of people here since this is the inaugural race and I want to make sure I can get a seat where I can see the finish line well and get some pictures.

When I got to the reserved seating, I had to show my wristband. It’s first come, first serve on the seating and some folks had already taken the closest seats. I found a seat and prepared to wait it out until Brandy made it to the finish. I made friends with another guy who was cheering as well.

I noticed that the front seats had been empty for awhile. The folks that had taken them had basically come in and left their cheer signs on the chairs. After an hour or so, they hadn’t come back. So, the guy I had been chatting with and I decided we were going to take the seats since they weren’t being used at all. And, since there is technically no reserved seating; it’s first come, first serve; they aren’t allowed to reserve the seats.

We moved their stuff and sat down in the chairs. When they finally came back, one of the guys got a bit testy with me and threatened to go get the security guard (who I named the Disney police). I told the guy we weren’t moving because there was no reserved seating and they had been gone since coming in to put their stuff on the chairs. The argument continued with lots of colorful expletives coming from Mr. Grumpy, but we didn’t get up. I pretty much told him he was welcome to go get the Disney police and continued to have a conversation with my new buddy.

The guy got a little huffy and ended up going to tattle to the Disney police. The Disney police came over to talk to me and said the guy had said I was threatening him and being vulgar. None of this was true. I simply said; and repeated to the Disney police; that we weren’t moving because there was no reserved seating. The Disney police said I was right and that there wasn’t reserved seating and that if the people weren’t there, that we could have the seats.

When the whiney guy finally gave up and was walking off, I yelled at him “hey, you forgot your candy bar (a Clif bar that had been left on the chairs in the reserved seating area)” and I tossed it at him. Truthfully, I tossed it a bit harder than I meant to and it went towards his head. Luckily for him, I have zero aim.

So, my new friend and I sat there chatting. Eventually, I had to go to the bathroom and wanted to get something to drink. I asked my friend if he wanted anything and then left long enough to go to the bathroom and get a drink. When I returned, the huffy guy whose seat I took was giving me the evil eye. I pretty much ignored him.

A little while later, the whiney guy returned with the Disney police saying that I was staring at him and watching him everywhere he went and that I was throwing things at him. The whole thing was ridiculous. I had to explain to the Disney police that I left long enough to go to the bathroom and get a drink and that I never even made eye contact with this jerk and that I only tossed him his candy bar that he left. At this point, I was getting loud and visibly aggravated. This guy was being a whiney jerk and was pretty much making my ChEAR squad experience miserable. The Disney police guy was trying to help smooth the situation, but the whiney jerk kept making up crap and trying to stir the pot.
Even the guy I was sitting with was laughing at the ridiculousness that was this situation. I pretty much insinuated that I was being harassed and that I was getting fed up with all this. I only wanted to sit and enjoy my hot chocolate while waiting for Brandy to finish the race. The Disney police finally had enough and the whiney guy finally left me alone. And, I still didn’t give up the chair.

Somewhere in all this, I texted Brandy to let her know I might be going to Disney jail. It was way too much to text her but she replied “please don’t get Disney arrested; I don’t know where to find Disney jail and I don’t have Disney bail money”.

I was able to get some really good pictures of the race announcers and the characters at the finish line. I also got some pictures of Joey Fatone from N’SYNC. He finished a few minutes before Brandy (and he’s done a lot of the runDisney events this year as well). I also got a video of Brandy crossing the finish line.

The race announcers had a few heroes to protect them at the finish line as they welcomed runners.

The race announcers had a few heroes to protect them at the finish line as they welcomed runners.

Joe Fatone from N'SYNC is getting interviewed after finishing the Avenger's Half Marathon.

Joe Fatone from N’SYNC is getting interviewed after finishing the Avenger’s Half Marathon.

From my perspective, the ChEAR squad package that gets you reserved seating; the platinum package at the Disneyland races; is worth the money. The seating gives you a great view of the finish line. Also, the complimentary beverages and the VIP bathrooms are an added bonus. I do wish Disney would either add more seating to the platinum area or enforce the policy of no reserved seating because of the situation I experienced. I’ve seen it before but this was my first time being harassed over a seat. If I come to additional races at Disneyland, this will be a must for me.

Avenger’s Weekend Costs:

Race Registration: ~$252
Hotel: ~$428
Flights: ~$494
Transportation/Tolls/Gas: ~$90
ChEAR Squad: $99
Souvenirs: ~$35
Food: ~$140
Kennel for the pups: ~$233
Total: ~$1771

Gotta run.

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