Nerd Herd Virtual Series

May 5 to October 12, 2014

I found the Nerd Herd Virtual Running Series on Facebook. One of my friends had signed up for the races and shared the page and it showed up in my news feed. I did a little reading and saw the medals and that the proceeds from the race would benefit the charity Stupid Cancer. I liked the medals and it is for a good cause, so I signed up. It was $70 for the series and I opted to get my medals all at one time to save on the shipping costs.

The first race of the series is Star Wars themed: Revenge of the 5th 5k and is to be run on or about May 5, 2014. Since this is on a Monday, I (obviously) don’t have any races scheduled. Not that there couldn’t be a race on a Monday, I just don’t have one or even know of one.

Nerd Herd sends you an email with a bib that you can print to wear during your virtual race if you so choose. They also have awards for running in costumes and submitting pictures. I don’t opt to participate in this part of the series. I’m running the race distance and that will be enough for me. I did the Expedition Everest Challenge on Saturday night (May 3). Since the first part of this race is a 5k, I opted to use this time for the virtual race. I finished the 5k (with obstacles) at Expedition Everest in roughly 40 minutes (though on the official results, it shows my net and gun time to be the same; I should probably get that corrected).

Nerd Herd: Revenge of the Fifth

Nerd Herd: Revenge of the Fifth

I submitted my time via email to Nerd Herd as instructed to do in the email with my bib. This isn’t required, but they encourage it because they do some awards and such for top finishers. I submitted my times even though I seriously doubt I would get an award. The second race in the series is the Lord of the Bling 5k or 10k. This is a Lord of the Rings themed race that will be done anytime between July 21 and July 27. Again, Nerd Herd emails a bib for you to wear during your race. I opted not to wear mine again as I ran another race and used those results for this race.

Nerd Herd: Lord of the Bling

Nerd Herd: Lord of the Bling

The final race in the series is The Rebellion Begins 5k or Half Marathon. This theme is from the Hunger Games. The race can be done all at once or broken up into segments and will be done anytime between October 6 and October 12. I used my times from the Tower of Terror races; the Happy Haunted 5k plus the Tower of Terror 10 Miler; totaled for a half marathon. Given I stopped for pictures during both of these races, my times weren’t particularly good! Oh well, they were fun!

Nerd Herd: The Rebellion Begins

Nerd Herd: The Rebellion Begins

I received my medals a few weeks after the race series ended. The medals can be put together to create the Hero’s Shield but mine are just hanging with my other medals. Nerd Herd did have a cool wooden plate of sorts that would hold all four medals in the appropriate shape but I opted not to purchase this.

The Heroes Shield for the Nerd Herd Virtual Series 2014.

The Heroes Shield for the Nerd Herd Virtual Series 2014.

Since I didn’t really run anything extra, I found the Nerd Herd Virtual Race Series to be a way to earn a couple of fun medals while running other races and to contribute a little to a charitable cause. If I had not been running races already, I think this would be a fun way to make training a little more interesting; sort of a way to work towards a goal. I don’t know if I will do the Nerd Herd Series again. The theme changes so it will mostly depend on what the theme is. I’d likely be all over a Harry Potter theme. We’ll see.

Nerd Herd costs

Registration: $70

No other expenses were incurred as all of the series races were done as other races.

Gotta run

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