Avengers Super Hero 5k

November 15, 2014

It’s an early morning and I do not want to get out of bed. I slept OK but I don’t feel great. Don’t get me wrong, I could feel way worse and I am thankful that I went to the doctor before I flew out here. But, I’m till coughing and have some chest congestion so it just makes me winded and tired all around.

We leave the hotel and it’s a bit windy outside. Actually, it’s quite windy outside. I’m glad I have a little jacket to wear. It is cold but not bad if the wind wasn’t blowing. We walk over to the staging area and the lines for the porta-potties are nonexistent so we both take advantage of that opportunity.

I head to the corrals and cheer-tator to the spectator viewing area. We bought a ChEAR Squad package but it isn’t valid for the 5k. It’s first come, first serve in the viewing area. Luckily, it’s the 5k so it will be over relatively quickly.

I see some interesting costumes while waiting in the corral. The dude with the stretch head (I’m horrible with Avengers characters) looked like a Pez shooter (dispenser) to me. And, the dude dressed as Thor’s hammer looked hysterical; that’s really a clever costume.

Mr. Stretch(?) looks like a giant Pez dispenser to me! I wonder how that's going to last for the 5k?!

Mr. Stretch(?) looks like a giant Pez dispenser to me! I wonder how that’s going to last for the 5k?!

Thor's hammer is also running the 5k.

Thor’s hammer is also running the 5k.

The course for the 5k today is really similar to the 5k from Dumbo Double Dare weekend. We run through both Disney’s California Adventure and Disneyland. After we exit, we head through Downtown Disney and make the turn in front of the Disneyland hotel to head to the finish line. (The course map for the Avengers 5k.)

I text cheer-tator to let him know I’m coming so he can get some pictures. I cross the finish line in 38:16 according to my friend Garmin. Fun run means no official time.

I make my way through the finish chute and collect my medal and some refreshments. Then, I make my way to meet cheer-tator. We head back to the hotel and have to cross over the race course in Downtown Disney. We cheer for the runners that are passing by as we wait until we can cross.

The finisher's medallion for the Avengers Super Hero 5k.

The finisher’s medallion for the Avengers Super Hero 5k.

Once we’re back at the hotel, we grab a quick bite to eat at the breakfast buffet and then head back to the room. I shower and want to take a little nap before we head to the park. I’m excited to go to the park but I also want to rest because tomorrow will be a big day also.

Gotta run.

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