Avengers Half Marathon Health & Fitness Expo

November 14, 2014

By the time I arrive at the Avengers Weekend Health and Fitness Expo, I’ve already been going since about 3 AM east coast time. It’s about 2 PM west coast time. I’m tired and my nap has given me a small burst of energy. I’ll ride this wave as long as I can. Unfortunately, and I said I’d kick myself for this, I’m also sick. I caught this one pretty quickly after Wine & Dine last weekend so I’m on antibiotics but they haven’t kicked all this crud yet. I’m congested and coughing but I’m not nearly as bad off as I could be.

We walked from our hotel to the expo. It’s a nice day out and we’re about a 15 minute walk from the expo. It feels good to be out in the sun a little after traveling all morning. The expo is at the Disneyland Hotel. We head downstairs to get my bibs for the 5k and half marathon and my commemorative pins (and multiple copies of the Race Guide). It doesn’t take me long to get done my stuff. Then, we head over to buy a ChEAR squad package for my cheer-tator. The line for this is super fast as well. In fact, the only long line down here is the line for the Dooney & Bourke purses. I’m not much of a purse girl and I didn’t really care for the design of this purse. Apparently, I am in the minority though. That line is LOOOOOOONG!

We head upstairs to get my race shirts and gear check bags. I’m a pro at all this so at takes me only a couple of seconds in each line. After that, we decide to walk around the expo a bit. I know I want to hit the official merchandise booth but we plan to hit that one last. We don’t find anything that we just must have so we head towards the official merchandise booth.

My bibs, the race shirts, and the commemorative pins for the 2014 Avengers race weekend.

My bibs, the race shirts, and the commemorative pins for the 2014 Avengers race weekend.

We ask a cast member where to go and we’re directed out the doors. When we head to where we were told to go, we’re walking into the cash registers for the official merchandise. We walk back in and finally we’re told that there is a line to get in line. WHAT THE WHAT?!? Luckily, we only have to wait in this line for a minute. But, the line to get into the booth is about 45 minutes long. The official merchandise booth is so crowded that they’re only letting a few people in at a time and that is only after a few people exit. So the rate that we move depends on how quickly people exit.

We waited about 45 minutes. While we’re in line, I made a comment that we were waiting in line for a $2 item. This is 100% true. The only item I plan to buy is the vinylmation mini medal for my Mickey. If I see something else that I like, awesome. But I’m not planning on buying anything other than that item.

We finally get in the official merchandise booth. We walk around and check out all the stuff all the while looking for the vinylmation medals. We found the vinylmations behind the shirt counter. Finally, I asked a cast member because we couldn’t find them. I cross my fingers that they aren’t sold out. Nope, not sold out. They don’t have them at all. Really runDisney?! We’re told that they aren’t going to have the mini medals for the vinylmation anymore. WHAT?! Every race this year has had a mini medal and you wait until the LAST RACE of the year to decide not to have them. THANKS FOR NOTHING. We waited in line all that time to find out my Mickey can’t complete his perfect runDisney year. Awesome. NOT AWESOME.

In all seriousness, I can understand not having them. They probably get stolen a lot because they’re so small and they probably end up with tons of them leftover. That said, this is the last race weekend of the year and the mini medals were available at every other race weekend. Why not just discontinue having them after this race? I’m so sad. And disappointed.

After the expo, we head to Downtown Disney to get something to eat. This will be an early dinner. We’re going to walk to the store to pickup some snacks and water. We’ll crash early because we’re going to stay on east coast time as much as possible and we want to rest so we can spend the days after the races in the parks. I bought these tickets for when I came to Disneyland in January and I was so sick that weekend. This is the last chance I have to use the tickets before they expire. I don’t feel great this weekend either but I am using my tickets, sick or not!

I’m looking forward to the first race and to my first true trip to Disneyland tomorrow. Excited party of one!!

Gotta run.

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