Tower of Terror 10 Miler

October 4, 2014

The Tower of Terror 10 Miler is my favorite runDisney race. I love the theme since it is more villains and I love that it is a night race. The after party in Hollywood Studios is also great. Unfortunately, since it’s October, the weather is usually fairly hot and humid. This is the third year of the race and it has been hot and humid the last two years. This year, it’s actually quite cool out.

I ran the Happy Haunted 5k trail run this morning and stood out in the (drizzle) rain. Now, I am feeling congested and have a sore throat. My designated cheer-tator is coming over to cheer for me and then go to the after party with me so I was able to get some cold medicine delivered as well.

I don’t feel terrible but I definitely don’t feel great. This is really crappy because it’s the nicest weather we’ve ever had for this race. I know I’ll still enjoy the race but I would definitely be able to run it harder if I didn’t feel crappy. Oh well.

I am running as the tightrope walker from the Haunted Mansion stretching portrait. If you Google her, she is sometimes called Sally Slater. I do my own take own costumes though so it is not “authentic” so to speak. I am wearing a short, fluffy petticoat type skirt. I used felt with an adhesive backing for the flowers on the skirt. I cut out each of the petals and the centers and then stuck them to the skirt (I really hope they stick and don’t fall off while running). I have a purple running top that I am recycling. It isn’t exactly like the top in the portrait but it’s close enough for me. I am wearing some white tights and I have some ribbon to use as ballet laces. Unfortunately, I can’t make these stay even while walking, so I ditch them. I have my pink umbrella and my white satin gloves. The only piece I am truly missing is the alligator!

We wait in the bus line for a short time. The line was moving quickly and there were buses lined up and waiting. Once we got to Hollywood Studios, we made our way over to the staging area where we hung out until I needed to go to my corral. I didn’t expect to see anyone dressed like the tightrope walker but there were several people dressed as her. I think people are trying to come up with more and more creative and original costumes and the tightrope walker certainly isn’t common. Plus, the theme is Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion and villain characters are common. There were some really good tightrope walker costumes and some not so good ones. One lady looked at me and told me mine was the winner simply because of my umbrella (I used a doll umbrella so I wouldn’t have to worry about hitting someone with a full sized umbrella – check out the photo below!).

The course for Tower of Terror isn’t the greatest. In fact, it’s kind of boring for the most part. It’s an out and back style course that starts just in front of Hollywood Studios at the parking entrance gate. It goes out to Animal Kingdom, through the AK parking entrance gate, and then loops back around. Then we head to the Wide World of Sports complex. We turn onto a trail; part of which we ran during the 5k this morning; and then loop through the complex. We go by the soccer fields, onto the running track, around the baseball fields, and then into Champions Stadium where we run the warning track. After we exit Wide World of Sports, we head back to Hollywood Studios. We run through part of the park and finish with the Tower of Terror hotel as the backdrop.

There are character stops along the way. I stopped for a picture with the grave diggers in the Wide World of Sports complex. They immediately recognized me as the tightrope walker and this made me smile! There were other stops, including several villains, along the way as well. I just didn’t stop for any others. I wasn’t feeling great and I just wanted to get done. There were some lines that were long but none that were too bad. I waited in line for the grave diggers for about two minutes. There were a lot of lines that were similar to this.

The Grave Diggers recognized my costume as the tightrope walker from the Haunted Mansion stretching portraits!

The Grave Diggers recognized my costume as the tightrope walker from the Haunted Mansion stretching portraits!

I stuck to 1/1 intervals for most of the race. There were some times though, when I needed to walk a little longer. Since my chest feels so heavy and my throat is sore, I just couldn’t run like I wanted to. Every time I would start to feel like I could run and would get into a little bit of a rhythm, I would start coughing or I would have trouble catching my breath. In the end, I just slowed down and concentrated on getting finished.

After I crossed the finish line, I collected my medal and then made my way down the long runners chute to get refreshments and photos. I finally made it to the end and met up with my cheer-tator. I didn’t check a bag but I did have a long sleeved pullover that cheer-tator had been holding for me. I was very thankful for this as I was cold.

The finisher's medal for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

The finisher’s medal for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.

We sat for a few minutes while I ate and stretched out. Then we went to ride the Tower of Terror. When we walked in, the Cast Member directing us to elevators immediately recognized my costume and asked where my alligator was. I replied that I had lost him on the run (not true, but a better reply than “I didn’t have an alligator”). She laughed and commented about how having an alligator running around the grounds was not good. It was a funny conversation. I was just so pleased at how many people recognized the costume. Especially since cheer-tator didn’t think a lot of people would get it!

After Tower of Terror, we walked the park and then decided to head back to the hotel. I was coughing a lot and wanted to take some more medicine and a hot shower. The only other ride I really wanted to do was Toy Story Mania and the line was about 40 minutes long.

My official finish time was 2:10:53. I know if I had been feeling better, I could’ve posted a better time. But, in the end, it is all about having fun and I did have fun.

Tower of Terror Totals:

Registration (both races): ~$214
Hotel (two nights): ~$300
Pins/Souvenirs: ~$35
Food: ~$80
Villain’s Bash Ticket: ~$65
Kennel for the pups: ~$100
Total: ~$794

Gotta run.

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