Happy Haunted 5k

October 4, 2014

This is my first time ever running the Happy Haunted 5k. It is a trail run and is mostly around the Wide World of Sports Complex. I don’t know how uneven or trail-like the terrain is, so I brought my trail shoes just in case.

It is cool this morning but it is rainy. It’s more like a drizzle and looks like it is going to be humid. I am hoping the rain will stop because this tutu could become an issue for me if it rains. I have shorts on under it but I don’t know if it will feel heavy once it gets wet. I hope if it continues to rain, it will at least stay light and not get any harder.

I take the shuttle bus over to the WWOS complex. Runners are huddled under the awnings of the buildings trying to stay dry. It isn’t really raining too hard so I just suck it up and head on down to the corral area. I guess I figure if it’s going to rain, I am going to get wet so I might as well embrace it. It can’t be any worse than Miracle Miles a couple weeks ago!

I am waiting in the corral and the rain is a steady drizzle/mist. It’s really just enough to be annoying. There is music playing and there are a lot of people dancing but there are also a lot of people waiting until the last minute to head to corrals. My corral isn’t crowded at all with about 30 minutes to go.

It stops raining just as the first corral moves to the starting block. Now, it’s starting to get humid. I’m glad this is a short race! This humidity could be brutal. At least the sun isn’t out. It’s overcast and ugly.

About ten minutes after the first corral, I am standing in front of Rudy waiting for my corral to be sent along. He tells some jokes and reminds everyone of some appropriate etiquette and then we’re on our way.

Ready to start at the Happy Haunted 5k.

Ready to start at the Happy Haunted 5k.

We go out and around the soccer field before heading into the woods (Happy Haunted course map). The terrain isn’t too bad. It’s dirt trails and you can tell vehicles have been through because it’s wide enough for several runners to be side by side. Luckily, it hasn’t rained hard enough to make the dirt muddy. It has rained enough to make it steamy though. It is quite muggy.

There are some character stops along the way but I don’t stop for any. The lines are kind of long and I don’t want to wait more than a couple of minutes. The first stop I got to looked to be about 10 minutes long. That’s just too long for me.

Some of the decorations put out for the run are kind of cute. There is one section where we run under a large canopy of trees and there are spiders and bugs hanging from the trees. There is “bug buzzing” playing from some speakers; it sounds like bees and it would be creepy if this were in the dark and I’m sure it will be tonight for the ten miler.

As I come into the last half a mile or so, I come up to the last character stop and it is the grave diggers. I decide to wait for this picture even though the line looks to be more than a couple of minutes long. I wait for the picture for about six minutes. After that, I take off and run the rest of the way to the finish line.

I stopped for only this picture with the Grave Diggers.

I stopped for only this picture with the Grave Diggers.

I collect my medal and I am handed a box of food and some water as I make my way out of the runner’s area. I find a place to sit down so I can eat. I look at my Garmin and I have finished in 41:56. This is not official as there are no official times for the Happy Haunted 5k.

The finisher's medallion from the Happy Haunted 5k.

The finisher’s medallion from the Happy Haunted 5k.

This was a fun race and I liked the trail. However, there weren’t very many character stops and I wonder if that is because of the early morning weather. To be completely truthful, I didn’t even know who some of the characters were; probably a lot of the reason I didn’t stop for pictures. There were some awesome costumes by some of the runners though. I snapped this pic of a group that was dressed as the hitchhiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion. They look FANTASTIC!!

These are some runners during the Happy Haunted 5k. Their costumes as the hitchhiking ghosts are FANTASTIC!

These are some runners during the Happy Haunted 5k. Their costumes as the hitchhiking ghosts are FANTASTIC!

I’ll rest and relax for the rest of the day. I have a headache and feel a bit icky after standing out in the rain and cold for so long this morning. I hope that I don’t end up getting sick.

I’ve got all my gear ready for the ten miler tonight so I’m going to take a nap and relax. The ten miler is my favorite race and I am looking forward to it and to the after party in Hollywood Studios.

Gotta nap.

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