Aching Quad Race #3

September 13, 2014

The third race in the Aching Quad series is a two mile race. We begin at a park in Lakeland and loop around some residential areas before finishing in front of the park. I’ve never really been in this area of Lakeland so I’m pretty much lost. There are some pretty, older houses and such around the area though.

The third race of the Aching Quad is a two mile course.

The third race of the Aching Quad is a two mile course.

The sun is up and it’s pretty warm. I’ve tried to stretch and stay loose since the first race about an hour ago. But, I can feel my legs are a little tight just from sitting in the car. By the time the race begins, I’m feeling pretty alright.

The race course passes the park and then goes by some residential areas. We make a turn and run on the sidewalk along one of the busier streets in Lakeland. I started out running but switched back to intervals after about five minutes. It is really hot and I feel like I can be more efficient this way.

The last stretch of the race is a steep incline. I run up it though I am not efficient at running uphill. At the apex of the hill, the ground levels and we are back on the street by the park. The last 50 yards or so is the street along the park.

I cross the finish line in 22:36. I think this is pretty decent considering the earlier race and the hill at the end of the course. I am pleased with my time overall.

There are several snacks available for runners after the race. I grab some water and a couple of little muffins or bagels and cool off while other runners are still coming in. The race director asked everyone to hang out so they could get some pictures for the website. So, I stick around for a little bit to get in the pictures. Afterwards, I head home to do some housework and take a little nap. The final race is another 5k around Lake Hollingsworth.

Gotta run.

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