Aching Quad Race #2

September 13, 2014

The second race in the Aching Quad series is a one mile race. I’ve never done a one mile race; well at least not since probably elementary school. This race is in an area of Lakeland that I’m not familiar with. In fact, I had to put the address in my phone so that I would know where to go.

I arrived to the race site and parked along one of the side streets. I am not familiar with this area at all. I have to walk a little ways to the race start. Since I wasn’t sure of the area, I just selected a random street to park down and I was a little farther away than I expected to be. It is a nice morning though so the walk gives me a chance to warm up.

Runners are already lined up in the street around the small lake where we’ll be running. The entire race is in the street. I jump in the middle of the pack and meet some ladies that were running the Aching Quad for the first time as well. We all commented on how the bugs were so terrible at the first race last night.

Once the race starts, I get into a nice groove and have a nice pace going. I never looked at my Garmin and completely ignored my intervals. I felt good so I just kept running. I know that I can run a mile and I push myself a little as I’m running.

The second race of the Aching Quad is a one mile loop.

The second race of the Aching Quad is a one mile loop.

The race is quick. I look at my Garmin is I finish and I am under 10 minutes! While I have no other “official” mile race or pace, this excites me because it’s in single digit minutes! I was just under 10 minutes with an official finish of 9:57. I don’t care if it’s close to 10 minutes, it’s still under and I am super happy about this.

I grab a water and head back to my car. I have about an hour until the next race and I have to drive to the next location. I have an orange in my car too that I can eat on the way.

Gotta run.

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