Aching Quad Race #1

September 12, 2014

The Aching Quad is a series of four races in 24 hours. This race series is put on by the Lakeland Runner’s Club. I’ve never done this series; or anything like it; but I have heard many good things about it. It sounded kind of fun, and it’s four races towards my goal for the year, so I jumped on the chance.

The first race, a 5k around Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland, is on Friday evening. I left work a little early so I could get home, let my dogs out for awhile, change clothes, and eat a little something before heading over to Lakeland.

Since I am running all four of the races, I’ll have the same bib for the entire series. I arrive a bit early so I can get my bib and race shirt. The race shirt is pretty cute too. I’m glad I am running all four races and was able to get the shirt!

I love the color of the race shirt for the Aching Quad!

I love the color of the race shirt for the Aching Quad!

I’ve done the 5k around Lake Hollingsworth many times. This will be my first time doing it in the evening though. It is hot outside. Very hot. And, very humid. There is no breeze and the bugs are bad around the lake. I don’t expect any PR in these conditions. And, my only hope is that I don’t have bugs flying up my nose.

Races 1 and 4 are 5k loops around Lake Hollingsworth.

Races 1 and 4 are 5k loops around Lake Hollingsworth.

The race starts as the sun is going down. This makes it not quite as hot but the bugs are still out in full force. It isn’t too bad for the first couple of miles because the sidewalk isn’t right against the lake. But, as I make my way into the final mile, the sidewalk is closer to the water and under more trees and the bugs are horrible. I find myself swatting bugs away from my face and trying to breathe without getting bugs in my nose or mouth. This is actually quite miserable. I wish I had a bug net!

I finished the first race of the Aching Quad in 36:42. I was so happy to get in my car. I had a cold drink and I was able to wipe the bugs and sweat off my face. I even blew my nose just for good measure. I was also happy to get home and get a shower!

The next two races are in the morning. There is a one mile race and about an hour later, there is a two mile race. The final race is tomorrow evening; another 5k around Lake Hollingsworth.

My alarm will ring early. Gotta run.

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