Watermelon Series #3

July 26, 2014

This is only my second race for the month; I feel like I’ve been a slacker since this is also my last race for the month! I knew going into my ’52 races in a year’ journey that I wouldn’t have as many races in the summer months because it is so hot. But, I think I expected to have three or four. Not two.

This is the third race in the series. It’s a hot morning and I’m sweating just walking to get my bib. I have some water in the car that is frozen. It should be mostly thawed out when I’m finished with the race so I’ll have some cold water to drink on the way home.

The course map for the Watermelon Series races. It's a simple loop around Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland.

The course map for the Watermelon Series races. It’s a simple loop around Lake Hollingsworth in Lakeland.

Runners are already lined up in the street waiting for the start. I select my appropriate time; 10+ minutes per mile; and line up in that area. I don’t wait too long before the gun sounds and we’re off.

The pack thins out pretty quickly but the sidewalk is crowded once we move off the street. I stay in the bike lane behind a few other runners until it thins out a little more.

I’m making good pace as I reach the first mile mark. My Garmin tells me I’m just over 11 minutes. I know I’ll slow a little in the second mile but that should give me a little extra push in the final stretch.

I reach the water stop and I am thankful for a cool drink of water. I am sweating a lot and it’s only 7:15! I guess I won’t care so much when I get home and cut the grass later!

I finish the race in 35:52 and I am hot. This is faster than the second race of the series but a few seconds slower than the first race. I am sure some of that has to do with the temperature!

I make my way to the water table and get a cup of cold water. I actually looped back through the line to refill my cup even though I know I have some water in the car. I’m that hot and the cold water from the coolers is nice.

There are also stacks of fresh sliced watermelon; hence the watermelon series. I don’t like watermelon; I know, I’m completely strange; so I skip that. I’d rather have an orange; those Cuties and Halos are the best; but there isn’t an orange series!

My sprain around my ribs is still sore but it is much better than it was last week at the Lake Wales race. It doesn’t bother me when I run so I was able to run a pretty decent race today. There is still one race to go in the series and then, series runners will get a cumulative time for all four races. I may not win any awards but I am hoping that I can run my best time for the series in the last race to at least show some improvement! I guess we’ll see next month.

Watermelon race #3 expenses:

Gas: ~$10
Food: ~$15 (ok; I bought Starbucks AND Krispy Kreme after the race; it was worth it!)

Gotta run.

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