Lake Wales Sunrise Series #2

July 19, 2014

I’ve had two weeks off from racing. I’ve started my Dopey Challenge training program and my weekly runs have been light, maintenance type runs. So, I feel like I have pretty fresh legs today. Unfortunately, I had a bit of an accident at the gym earlier this week. I was on the leg press, and as I bent my knees to bring the press down, I felt a pop in my right side along my ribs. This has happened to me before doing the exact same thing. I have sprained some muscles around my ribs. Yay for me! Not really.

I am going to do the race but I know running is a little tough once I start breathing harder. I will stick to my intervals because I know that I need to pace myself and keep my breathing in check. I will also run a little lopsided because it alleviates some of the pain around my ribs. While I have them taped; three cheers for KT Tape; the tape only helps so much.

Since my last predicament at this race (locking my keys in my car), I no longer leave the keys in the car. I take the key and the remote and put them in my armband. Problems solved!

I get my new bib for this race and pin it on while I’m walking across the street to the start line. I don’t have to wait very long before the race begins. LWSS 5K <–course map

I start out OK but it doesn’t take more than a mile before my ribs are aching. I knew this would be an issue so I lean slightly to the right to take some of the pressure off those muscles. I am comfortable enough to get through the race.

I’m surprised because it isn’t blazing hot this morning. It’s hot, don’t get me wrong. But, I don’t feel like I’m in an oven like you normally do this time of year. There is even a little bit of breeze.

At the water stop, just as they did last time, they hand me a cold washcloth. It. Is. AMAZING. It’s cool and refreshing. I wipe my face and the back of my neck. It feels great so I hang onto it rather than tossing it in the trash. Even though it gets warm from my hands, it’s still nice to wipe my face and neck.

I finish race two in 34:52. This is just over a minute faster than the first race. Awesome considering my current state! My ribs aren’t happy. At all.

I didn’t hang out for awards again and, of course, I placed in my age group again. I was third this time (of five). There were more people in this race so I figured I had no shot. Once again, I won’t get the award since they won’t mail it. But, I know I placed even if there were only a couple of people in my age group. It’s still a cool feeling.

Sunrise Series Race #2 expenses:

Registration was covered for the series so I added that all into the first race

Breakfast: ~$5
Gas: ~$5
Total: ~$10

Gotta run.

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