I-Drive 5k

May 10, 2014

I was pretty excited to do this race specifically because the course runs along I-Drive in Orlando. If you’ve never been to Orlando, I-Drive is one of the main tourist strips outside of the theme parks. There are hundreds of restaurants, hotels, and shops along I-Drive. You can even find Sea World, Aquatica – Sea World’s water park, Wet ‘n Wild, and many other fun places along this route.

I woke up early to drive over. I don’t have to drive all the way across Orlando but it still takes me about 45 minutes to get to the area. I also have to get my bib and shirt. I don’t expect it to be too crowded but I also don’t want to push my time.

My race bib for the I-Drive 5k.

My race bib for the I-Drive 5k.

The start of this race is in front of Pointe Orlando just beyond Wonder Works; another fun attraction. Runners are lined up according to their pace (on the honor system) in the street just in front of the shopping plaza. I’m waiting in the 10+ minutes per mile area. Walkers and stroller runners are lined up just behind me.

We’re off. It’s a nice morning; there’s a slight breeze but it’s pretty humid. The first part of the course; the part along I-drive; is shaded by the trees that line the road. We get to the Orange County Convention Center and make a left. This takes us off of I-Drive and out of the shade.

The rest of this race was all open road. We made our way out past the convention center before looping back and coming back into Pointe Orlando through the back entrance.

I had been really excited to run this race because I thought we’d be on I-Drive for a good portion of the race. Unfortunately, we were only on I-Drive for about a half a mile (maybe three-quarters of a mile). I like to look at stuff and once we turned off of I-Drive, there really wasn’t anything to look at. I was pretty bummed about this.

The finish line at the I-Drive 5k had some "characters" including the King's Bowling Pin.

The finish line at the I-Drive 5k had some “characters” including the King’s Bowling Pin.

The race was a good race. It is run by Track Shack and I am a fan of most of their events. They are well organized and well supported and this event was no exception. The water stops during the race were well supported and the refreshments and such after the race were fantastic. I liked the race itself but I didn’t really like the course. Unless the course was changed, I don’t think I would do this race again unless someone wanted me to do it with them.

My official finish time was 37:08. It was a warm and humid morning and I did not push because I am running another race tonight.

I-Drive dollars:

Registration: ~$26
Food: ~$7
Gas: ~$10
Total: ~$43

I’m running another 5k this evening. So…gotta run.

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