Expedition Everest Packet Pick-Up

May 2, 2014

I’ve been pretty excited about running the Expedition Everest Challenge pretty much since I signed up for it. It’s a fun race that includes a 5k with some obstacles followed by a scavenger hunt through Animal Kingdom. Runners then get an after party in Animal Kingdom. What could be more fun than that?!

Since I am also aiming to do all of the runDisney races in 2014, I have also signed up for the Expedition Everest Family Challenge. This has to be done in teams with a minimum of two people, so I have recruited a friend that graciously agreed to help me out with my goal (and I paid for the race and everything so really all he had to do was show up!).

runDisney has changed the packet pickup policy. But, because so many people had already registered for races with the expectation of being able to have someone else pickup their bibs, runDisney has suspended the policy until later in the year. Basically, the policy won’t be enforced until races that had open registration after the policy was announced. That means I am going to pick up my bib and my partners bib for the race.

I worked most of the day today since I live fairly close to Disney World. I left a bit early, headed home to get my gear for the weekend, and to take my dogs to the kennel. After I dropped off my pups, I headed to the Wide World of Sports Complex for packet pickup.

Packet pickup for Expedition Everest is very small compared to every other runDisney race. In fact, the majority of it is in Champions Stadium. I didn’t know this until the official event guide was published online and I looked through it to see where I needed to go. Since I already had my waivers printed and signed and I had a copy of my partner’s ID, I was able to get our stuff fairly quickly.

After I picked up our packets, I signed the giant wall that was up for the weekend. Runners had already filled the majority of the wall but I was able to squeeze a little shout out to our team on the board! I also walked around the bazaar. The bazaar is like the expo at the other runDisney events except it is exponentially smaller. In fact, there are about seven tents of vendors. I walk through the area but there isn’t anything that I must have so I head back to my car.

I signed the wall for EE for our team.

I signed the wall for EE for our team.

This weekend, I’m staying at a different resort. Up until this year, I typically stayed at the All Star resorts. The All Star resorts are pretty much all the same except that they are themed slightly different. I prefer the All Star Movie resort just because I like the theme a bit better. This year, I started staying at Pop Century. Pop Century is cute and I like the food court a lot better than the food court at the All Star resorts. I also like to get the 50’s building at Pop Century because the 50’s buildings have giant bowling pins at the staircases. I work in bowling so it’s kind of a cool, nerd thing for me. This weekend, I could get a moderate resort for the same price as a value resort so I’m at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

I get checked in and then have to drive from the main lobby building around to my building. Once I find a parking spot that isn’t too far from my building, I find my way through the maze of rooms. I have a room on the bottom floor. The room is nice; very similar in amenities to the Pop Century resort except there is a ceiling fan and the bathroom area is a bit larger and nicer.

Once I’m settled, I make my way around the lake to the food court building. I am quite possibly at the furthest building away from where the food is. It takes me about 10 minutes to walk around the lake. It isn’t a bad walk; just long. And, considering it’s still kind of rainy, it isn’t the most pleasant. I’m hoping that the rain stops or at least holds off for the races tomorrow. Though, it isn’t looking promising.

I get some dinner and head back to the room. I don’t have to be up super early as the Family Challenge doesn’t start nearly as early as the other runDisney races I’ve done. This is a blessing in that I can sleep in a bit later and have a hot breakfast before I go run around. The race is at the Wide World of Sports Complex too. Since the race won’t interfere with any park operations, it makes sense that the race can be held a bit later.

I’ve got my gear out for tomorrow. I did forget to bring a light jacket in case of rain. But, my partner is coming over tomorrow and I’ve asked him to bring me one so it’s no worries on that. Again, I hope I won’t need it but I’ll be glad to have it just in case.

Gotta run.

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