Expedition Everest Family Challenge

May 3, 2014

It was nice to be able to sleep in slightly; by runDisney standards; this morning. I wasn’t fighting myself to get out of bed like I usually am at a runDisney event. I’m up and want to eat breakfast before I get ready for the race. So, I throw on some shorts and a t-shirt and head over to the food court. The walk around the lake is long. Did I say that already?

I get a hot breakfast (food really is quite expensive – I spend way less at IHOP for similar) and then head back to my room. I get changed into my running gear and wait for my partner to arrive. Once he arrives, we put all of his stuff in the room and then drive over to the Wide World of Sports Complex.

We have plenty of time once we get there. We have to check in and get our scavenger hunt packets. Our team name is 3 Up – 3 Down (bonus points if you can name the movie reference there!). Once I get our packet, we stand around with all of the other runners. It is raining off and on; not hard rain but enough that we’re getting damp. I’m thankful for the jacket my partner brought but I am regretful in that I meant to grab a Ziploc bag for our scavenger hunt clues and I completely forgot it. As such, the papers are getting wet and they are going to be a pain once we start trying to use them. I have them in my jacket trying to keep them as dry as possible until we’re told to open them.

Our Team bibs for the Expedition Everest Family Challenge

Our Team bibs for the Expedition Everest Family Challenge

We’re finally told to open our packets and then sent on our way. We had zero clue about what we were doing so we just followed a lot of other runners to the first clue. We tried to understand marking it on our map and we tried to follow the clues and such in the book. But, we were massively confused. It took us about 45 minutes before we finally got the hang of what we were doing. By that time, our clues and maps and whatnot were pretty much soaked. But, we were having a good time laughing and posing like we were running for the photographers.

Once we figured out all the clues and had our map completed, we went through the last little checkpoint where we had to point on our map to the appropriate spot. We had made a slight error in our “connecting the dots” so our map was a bit off. But we were able to correct it and be sent through to the track. We ran about half of the track around to the finish line to complete our Challenge.

The finisher's medallion for the Expedition Everest Challenge Family Edition.

The finisher’s medallion for the Expedition Everest Challenge Family Edition.

Since this was untimed, we don’t have an official finishing time. I had started my Garmin initially but turned it off once we figured out that we were going to be running back and forth all over the place. So, I only have a guesstimate of what it took us to complete the Family Challenge. By my best estimation, it took us about an hour. We probably could have done this much faster if we had understood what we were doing and if we had put our gear in a bag to keep it from getting wet. We had some holes in our map and in our clue book thanks to it being so wet. We would try to write in the clue book or on the map and we kept pushing through the paper by mistake. This made some things a bit hard to read. Oooops!

Once we figured out what we were doing, we had a great time at this race. Our confusion initially made us a bit frustrated. We tried to keep in perspective that this was just for fun. But then we weren’t enjoying standing out in the rain either. The rain did stop about 20 or so minutes into the Challenge so that helped us turn our grumpy off.

I think we would likely do this race again if only to redeem ourselves. I, at least, get another go at the scavenger hunt tonight. I’ll be running the Expedition Everest Challenge and my partner will be hanging out as he has an after party ticket. He is my official cheer-tator so he’s required to come root for me while I run.

We’re going to chill for awhile, get some food, and take a nap. The race tonight starts at 10 and the after party goes late so we want to get some rest.

Gotta run.

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