Tinker Bell Half Marathon Health and Fitness Expo

January 16, 2014

I. Don’t. Feel. Well.

This is not the best way to start this trip but I’m doing it anyhow!

I live about an hour or so from the Orlando airport and I had a 7 AM flight out of Orlando. So, I’ve been up for awhile. I’ve also been sick since completing the Dopey Challenge. I’m mostly congested and I have a scratchy throat but I don’t think it’s anything more than a cold. I’m taking some medicine and I have cough drops; I’ll cross my fingers that these work.

Luckily, my flight leaves on time and I only have a short connection before landing in Anaheim. I can fall asleep before the plane takes off, so at least I’ll get a little sleep on the plane. It won’t be good sleep, but it will be sleep nonetheless.

I arranged for transportation during my trip planning so all I have to do when I land in Anaheim is get my bag. There were several other runDisney runners on my flights; many of them also completed the Dopey Challenge. It’s good to see that I’m not the only insane person that will be doing seven races in 11 days for a total of 71 miles. The sad part (for me anyhow) is that I won’t even get my Coast to Coast Challenge medal at Tinker Bell. I’ve opted to get the special pink edition for completing Tinker Bell and the Princess half marathon. This means I have to wait until February to get my C2C. Oh well; I signed up for this!

I got to my hotel and checked in easily. I pretty much got to my room, freshened up a little from traveling, and then stretched out to relax. I’m sure I was asleep in nanoseconds. The Fitness Expo doesn’t open until the afternoon so I have plenty of time to rest before heading over there. And, since I’m not trying to get any of the highly coveted merchandise; like the New Balance shoes or a Dooney & Bourke purse; I don’t need to worry about being one of the first ones there.

After resting, I hop on a bus to Disneyland. The Anaheim Resort Transport (ART) buses are free for race weekend. They give me a pass that’s good for the weekend so I won’t need to buy one. It is great that the bus is free for the race weekend. Free is definitely in my price range! (This info was also in the Event Guide.)

The bus drops us off outside of the Downtown Disney area. There is a security checkpoint that everyone must go through. Then you enter a big courtyard area and Disneyland is on one side and Disney’s California Adventure Park is on the other side. This is really strange to me since you can’t see one park from another at Walt Disney World! But, everyone told me Disneyland was much smaller and now I’m starting to see what they mean.

If you keep walking across the courtyard, you pass through another security area and enter Downtown Disney. I really like DTD here. There are a lot of restaurants and shops (similar to Florida) but it has a different feel to it. You have to walk through all of DTD to get to the Disneyland hotels. Packet pickup and the Fitness Expo are at one of them.

I finally make it to packet pickup. This goes pretty quickly for me since I printed and signed my waivers at home. All I had to do was present them at each of the race booths with my ID and I could get my bib. I have to go to a booth for each of the races since all three races are separate (not a challenge). I collect all my bibs and my commemorative pins and they direct me towards the Expo so I can get my race shirts.

Bibs for all three races of Tinker Bell weekend. From top, clockwise, 5k, 10k, and half marathon.

Bibs for all three races of Tinker Bell weekend. From top, clockwise, 5k, 10k, and half marathon.

After collecting my race shirts, I walk around the Expo a little. I’ve seen a lot of this merchandise already since I was just at the Expo in Florida last week. This Expo is significantly smaller than the Expo in Florida. There are many of the same vendors but the booths and overall space is smaller. In fact, I didn’t really see anything new that made me stop and look. And, the only thing I know that I need is my Tinker Bell medal for my runDisney vinylmation. I have to go to the official runDisney merchandise area for that.

After I get my Tinker Bell vinylmation medal, I walk back through DTD and back to the buses. I’m still not feeling great and I’m getting a little hungry so I need to start figuring out what is nearby and what I can get to easily. I also have a fridge in my room so I can buy some water, snacks, breakfast food, and juice to avoid eating at restaurants for every meal.

I only purchased the vinylmation Tinker Bell medal at the Expo. Marathon Mickey is earning his collection!

I only purchased the vinylmation Tinker Bell medal at the Expo. Marathon Mickey is earning his collection!

The first race is in the morning so it’ll be another early wake up call for me. It’s my first time at Disneyland and so far, I’m not loving my vacation. I wish I felt better. I’ll load up on cold medicine and hopefully feel better after some good sleep.

Until then…happy running!

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